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Thanks for your visit to this and especially I am thankful to them, who contribute and make this happen to set an online Kashmir Portal with aim to provide information about Kashmir and its honour for us to contribute our share to provide and facilitate them; who are seeking for information about Kashmir.


The site you are viewing now was a temporary site in order to get Kashmir data, articles, cultural information and some basic review of the Kashmir conflict for the main website.

We proudly announance that our main site is live now at http://www.kashmirportal.net with every day latest & current news from around the Kashmir, India and Pakistan along with Articles and Editorials written for Kashmir.

We may request you to please have a look to the main site and leave us your feedback in guestbook, which will off course help us to improve our website and to add more information you are seeking for.

We are looking forward for your feedback and support.

Truly yours,