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By all standards of international relations Kashmir resolution shouldn’t be viewed as a victory-defeat situation

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 4, 2009

Time to wake up


By all standards of international relations Kashmir resolution shouldn’t be viewed as a victory-defeat situation

Ubaid Mushtaq
On one side our political leaders are celebrating the recent election victory with team Manmohan in New Delhi, on the other side the people of Jammu and Kashmir are continue to remain the captives of Indian security forces and prisoners of their conscience. As the belligerent India forces has, by and large, invariably been planning full-scale assaults on Kashmiris. The hush of our political leaders is giving them a clear chance to continue these onslaughts on innocent people. Those in Kashmir who had pinned their hopes and expected that the newly formed NC government can do miracles in resolving this long pending Kashmir issue and bringing peace here have lost all their expectations. The recent incidents in Bomai or the shocking and dastardly incident in Shopian have once again brought the truth that our marionette leadership is weak in stopping the human right violations. The only world that we continued to hear from them is “judicial probe ordered”.

History is witness that the tragedy of Kashmir and the sufferings of people here is only because of absence of an honest, nationalistic and visionary political leadership that could take Kashmir out from the present morass sufferings, chaos and anarchy. Indian security forces are regularly brutalizing locals by using the instruments of imprisonment, torture, killing and rape. We have seen in past Indian soldiers accused of murdering civilians and labeling them off as ‘Islamic militants’ as a way of winning bonuses or promotions which Indian government. It is not just undemocratic, but also shameful that our
State government and political leaders in New Delhi are behaving more like the junior partners of Indian government in torturing Kashmiris rather than protecting their genuine rights.
While speaking in contest of India it seems that the only time Kashmir issues get any attention in New Delhi is, when there is a major crisis or pressure from an international community. But, as soon as the pressure subsides, the issues are ignored or completely dropped.
That’s what seems to have happened during the last few years when a golden opportunity to settle Kashmir presented itself many times. In light of recent rumors about the existence of a U.S. road map for resolving the Kashmir dispute and the Obama’s Kashmir focus India indulged itself in talks with Pakistan as we can observe these days on water issues. History is replete with such examples when issues in Kashmir would come to a boil, India commit itself to bilateral negotiations. However, whenever such negotiations have occurred, it prevented the topic of Kashmir from being put on the table, calling it an “internal matter” for India. Despite clear resolutions of United Nations Security Council, mandating a plebiscite in state of Jammu and Kashmir, India is never ready to act on it. On one side various Indian leaders and intellectuals have expressed their commitment to start bilateral negotiations but on the other none of them have given the real thought to find out reasons behind human sufferings and HR violations here. The two countries initiated a number of CBMs (confidence-building measures) like bus service, efforts to revive mutual trade and cultural exchanges, etc. These CBMs, however, have remained just media hype and a best reason to release the tension and pressure from international community. In the meantime the Kashmir issue has always remained in the lair.
The unfortunate aspect of this whole episode is that the only suffers in this mind game have been the poor wretched people of the Kashmir. Tens of thousands of innocent Kashmiri people have already lost their lives. And still both the stakeholder i.e. Pakistan and India continue to play politics on the issue with no practical efforts being made by both sides to resolve this longstanding issue.
While on one side Pakistan role has changed over Kashmir issue as it is now itself caught in internal conflicts. On the other in the aftermath of Mumbai attacks, India found the best possible opportunity to advance its agenda on Kashmir issue throughout the world. From the day one, it was crystal clear that Indians are hell-bent on exploiting the Mumbai episode for their benefit on Kashmir issue. Although, Mumbai attacks were dramatized by the some external agencies in collaboration with other partners in India to serve their own interests, India is continuously blackmailing Pakistan through various allegations in order to get favorable bargaining leverage over Kashmir dispute and particularly now over water issue. The Indians after 26/11with the support of America and their defense ally Israel has largely succeeded in bringing the pressure on Pakistan and Kashmiri mainstream political leadership.
The situation has come to such a pass where things are getting unbearable on every count and people are coming out and expressing their demand of complete freedom from India’s oppression. Whatever artifices India may try, its image has been tarnished by the treatment meted out to the innocent Kashmiris and towards minorities including Muslims, Sikhs and Dalits (low caste Hindus), which knocks the bottom of its pretence of being a secular state. The recent Shopian incident and the hush of government has once again brought chaos and turmoil in this paradise .All those who value peace and human life in India need to intervene in this matter and should punish the guilty immediately.
By all standards of international relations and on the basis of all measures of sovereignty, the Kashmir conflict’s resolution needs not to be viewed as a victory-defeat situation. But it should be viewed as an alleviation of the suffering of Kashmiri people. India, Pakistan and particularly our mainstream political leaders should try to find out a solution for this long pending issue immediately. That too in accordance with the wishes of the Kashmir people.

(Writer is a student of BBA, Islamic University of Science & Technology and can be mail at: ubaidiust@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it )


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