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Yasin Malik (JKLF)

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 5, 2009

Yasin Malik

Note: This article is been taken from Wikpedia
Yasin Malik

Nationality Kashmiri
Political party Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front
Spouse Mushaal Mullick, Pakistani Citizen
Residence Srinagar, Kashmir
Religion Islam

Yasin Malik is a prominent leader of the jammu Kashmir,s Liberation movement.His movement is a movement for liberation of jammu kashmir and he spent almost whole of his life in jail and in interrogations.Yasin Malik originally came to prominence as a militant leader in JKLF.in 1994 Yasin Malik renounced violence and from then he and the organisation he heads jammu kashmir liberation frontcalls for strictly peaceful methods to come to a settlement on the Kashmir Conflict[1].

Yasin Malik also considers the Hindu Kashmiris to be an integral part of Kashmiri society and has insisted on their right of return[2] Yasin Malik Yasin Malik was born in 1963 in a modest kashmiri household of Maisuma Bazar in the Centre of Srinagar. Today Thirty-five years later, he lives in the same house with his family consisting of his parents and three sisters. His introduction to political activism occurred, while he was still in school, at the age of sixteen. He was caught and beaten by the police for showing boyish awareness of his rights as a citizen of a state that holds a unique historical leagel and political position in south Asia. He was not the only one of his age, And time, to be treated in this manner what set him apart from his peers, however, was that he understood the intent and attitude behind the treatment he had received and resisted. He allowed himself to be politicized. By 1986, two years later, he was engaged in full time political activity.

He became a founder member, and General Secretary, of the J&K Students League, an organization devoted to publicizing and debating the true status of the state. He began to organize protest marches and distributed Literature that advocated a comprehensive solution to J&K problem. This time he was caught, beaten and imprisoned for twenty days. Soon thereafter, he joined the JKLF, or the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front, of which he is currently the Chairman. The party questions any presumption of the finality of the division of the state between India, Pakistan and China, and Advocates the restoration of the independent status of state of Jammu Kashmir. In 1987 he was arrested, taken to an interrogation centre (a euphemism for torture centers) for twenty days and then imprisoned for a year under the draconian laws called the public safety Act.

It was during this period that the four core activist member of the JKLF, Hamid Sheikh, Ashfaq A. Wani, Javid Mir and Yasin Malik met to form the famous HAJY Group, an acronym formed of the first letters of there first names.

Frustrated by the intransigence of the Indian GOVT. to consider a debate on the status of the state, thy resort to an armed insurgency. One of its primary objectives was to bring the Kashmir problem to the international recognition of the Jammu Kashmir Problem after a hiatus of almost thirty years. Two members of the HAJY Group Hamid and Ashfaq, were killed during the struggle. Yasin Malik and Javid Mir were caught, imprisoned and torture until 1994.In that year, Mr.Malik was released on grounds of ill- health. Soon after his release, he announced a unilateral cease-fire on the part of his party. Though it went unacknowledged by the Government of India, he has stuck, to this day, to his commitment of reverting to a non-violent struggle. Meanwhile, since 1994, No less than 6 hundred of his party members have been killed by Indian Forces after ceasefire.The last half of Mr. Malik’s Life has been a series of visits to Indian prisons where he was alternately beaten, put in solitary confinement (at one stage for two years) and even subjected to mental torture by being placed amongst the inmates of an in sane asylum in Agra. The years of imprisonment, beatings and deprivation have left him in frail many times as prisons. Even since his release in 1994 he has acute arrested numerous times and had six attempts made on his life. Yet, despite this, he has sought to moderate the attitudes of fellow fighters.Yasin Malik recently completed two lengthy visits to the United State for Health reasons. During his stay in the United States Yasin Malik spent most of his time on a diplomatic mission and public awareness. Campaign to educate the U.S public and po makers on Kashmir and garner support for the cause of Kashmiri struggle. Yasin Malik addressed more than a dozen conferences on Kashmir-including Major Mr. Yasin Milk was last time arrested by Indian Authorities in Oct.1999.He along with other APHC leaders was put behind the bars under a black Law public Safety act was lodged at the most unpopular Jail of India. The Jodhpur Jail. This was done because Yasin had successfully led an election Boycott campaign & people of Jail. Kashmin boycotted the elections. He was released but again arrested on March 26 .2002 under the POTA. After torture and illegal detention for almost 1 year he was released.Yasin Malik and his men started a signature campaign.

He visited about 5 thousand villages in Jammu Kashmir. 1.5 million Kashmiris demanded their active involvement in the peace process for the resolution of Kashmir dispute through this campaign. When Snow storm destroyed many villages in Kashmir Yasin and his party was the first to rush with relief. Again when Tsunami and Gujrat Earth Quack devastated humanity Yasin and his party provided relief to the victims. During last year earth quack Yasin and his men were on the front line in Uri, Tangdar, Kupwara and other places.

Yasin himself went to Azadkashmir and provided relief to the poor victims.In recent times Yasin has had one to one meetings with President of Pakistan, Prime Minister Pakistan, Prime Minister of India and other world leaders.in 2007 yasin malik and his party launched a peacefull campaign knowm as safer i azadi (journy to freedom). his journey was to creat an atmosphere for peacefull negociated settelment of jammu kashmir dispute.this journey lasted for one year and during it yasin malik and his coleagues visited about 3500 towns and villages of kashmir.some of his prominent party workers include Adv. Bashir Butt,Enj. Ghulam Rasool Dar,Noor Mohammed Kalwal, Showkat Ahmed Bakhshi and Mohammed Hussain Khan Altaf etc.

Yasin malik has shaheed Maqbool Bhat,Ghandi,Mandela,Yaser Arafat and others as his ideals.Yasin has studied only upto 10th standard but claims that most of the studies he has done are self studies done in various jails .He loves peotry of Allama Iqbal and Writings of Imam Gazali. In January 2009 married a Pakistani painter Mushaal Mullick who is famous for her woman based paintings.[3] The Daily Telegraph, 2009-01-30</ref>










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