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(1999) Class Issue

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 11, 2009

Dear Ajaz Sahib

I was not intended to put myself here because it  seemed to me rather  provoking question than a rational that made by you,  but now it became more  clear  and possessed a weight to honor it.

Co relation between Islam and Class Less Society is a core concept of your   question. Islam ofcource doesn’t requires an   explanation here but class   less society is.   The concept of class less society, in our age, is a by   product of industrial revolution where as Islam addressed the issues and problems of Arabian Tribal Society. Islam respects class of its time,’ Slavery’ as prophet SAW ordered in his last Hajj Address,” Make a good behave with your slaves”. If the   slavery were abolished at that time than your claim can’t be challenged but unfortunately it were not happened. Even if you had a chance to study the discussions during the constitutional debates of Constitution of 1973, one  member of National Assembly of Pakistan [ perhaps  Molana Naimat or like that, pardon to my memory] demanded to put a clause to allow slavery of women[KANEEZ] in the constitution because according to him and he was correct that Islam allowed slavery and slavery of women[KANEEZ].

As my understanding, if it is correct, than Classes emerged with economic mode of production that is subjected to those means of production which prevailed in a specific time according to its technological know how than Islam doesn’t address to production and production relations. Islam, if I am correct, addressed to the trade and finance because Arabian were not a productive but a trade region.

Economic issues that addressed by Islam are not concerned with production and productive relations but the mainly it dealt with trade and finance. I agree that in Trade and Finance Islam offered the most comprehensive humanistic methods and great benefits for humankind.

Islam influenced  mercantile elite of its time and its extension to other region were subjected to the interests of Arabian Mercantile Class that were represented by Hazrat Usman and Ameer Muavia in early days of it.  The 2nd Caliph Hazrat Umer were an Arab Nationalist, considering Islam were religion for Arabs and he was against of expansions of Islam to non-Arab regions. To day in Kashmir neither Islam nor Class less society are real issues.

Kashmir with its Economic Modes and Average Mass Personal Ownership is a plural society. Peoples are more integrated with their casts and tribes than their class orientation. The agenda of National Independence possessed multi classes,multi ethnicities and multi faiths plurality.

It is an agricultural country but feudalism doesn’t exist. Generally speaking it is a country of Mass Agro- Middle Class but due to the political management and the conditions we are suffering with acute economic problems. An independent Kashmir is a true answer to our problem. Lets don’t put Islam or Class less society against our problems and issues.


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