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(1999) Clinton Visit in Kashmir

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 11, 2009

Ms Madeleine Albright,
US, Secretary of the State
The State Department,
Washington D.C.

Subject:- The Clinton Visit to South Asia and Kashmir Issue.

This is in continuation of my letter dated Nov. 17, 1999 titled ‘A Shortcut to Immortality’ addressed to President Clinton and a copy faxed and e-mailed to you.

As explained in detail in the enclosed article (please go through at least its first three and last three paragraphs) President Clinton’s forthcoming visit to South Asia can definitely result in historic solution of 50 years old Kashmir imbroglio thereby emancipating one fifth of the humanity on one hand and immortalizing him and further heightening the prestige and international image of the United States on the other, if it is properly planned and the channelised
> In the light of the collossal benefits of a durable solution of Kashmir Issue, as mentioned in the article, you are requested to advise and help President Clinton play the most effective role in solving the Issue as suggested in the article. India and Pakistan don’t have any acceptable reason to reject a Formula that can solve Kashmir Issue not only
>peacefully, equitably and permanently but also without hurting their national egos, without jeopardizing their national ideologies (India’s secularism in particular) or harming their legitimate national interests, without causing mass-migrations, bloodshed or communal/ethnic disturbances and on the basis of Kashmir peoples national aspirations and freely expressed will.

Hoping that this will not fail to attract your favourable attention, soliciting intimation of action takes on this request and with profound regards, I am,
Your sincerely,
(Amanullah Khan)
Chairman JKLF.


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