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(2000) Hijacking

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 11, 2009

Dear Sir or Madam:

Let us have a neutral report on Hijacking which is not by Indian or Pakistan Media. Also let us the statements from a Neutral person who is NOT even an Asian. Following is the report by Zee TV and the statements issued by an American Representative. Representative Frank Pallone, known for his strong anti-terrorism views, has pointedly held Pakistan
responsible for the hijacking of the Indian Airlines flight IC-814 and stressed the need for the United States to increase cooperation with India oncounter-terrorism efforts.

“I hope this incident will alert the world to the threat India faces from this terrorist movement. I believe that Pakistan must be held accountable for contributing to this violence and instability.” “There should be more pressure brought to bear on Pakistan to be part of the solution, instead of continuing to exacerbate this problem,” he said onThursday. The senior US House of Representatives member, who has been one of Congress’ most outspoken voices on the dangers of the armed separatist movement in Jammu and Kashmir said, “India and the United States have both been particularly targetted by Osama bin-Laden and the loose network of militant forces who share his goals.” He said this incident clearly indicated the need for enhanced cooperation between the US and India in identifying the shared threats and finding ways ofprotecting their citizens.
Mr Pallone said the current hijacking is linked to the orgy of violence and terror being waged by the militant movement against military and civilian targets to end Indian rule in Kashmir.
The Congressman prayed for the welfare of the hostages and appealed to the hijackers to free them. He also
urged the Taliban authorities to intervene in a meaningful way to end the crisis peacefully. “This is a further indication of the need for increased partnership between the US and India in identifying the shared threats we face and devising
ways to protect our citizens in ways consistent with open, democratic societies,” Rep Pallone said. He said the current hostage situation was linked to the militancy waging a campaign of terror and violence against both military and civilian targets in Kashmir. “Pakistan,” he pointed out, “has acknoweldged its ‘political and moral’ support for the separatist movement,” and charged that Islamabad’s supportactually went far deeper.
He also noted that the state department had described the Harkat ul-Mujahideen, release of whose general secretary Maulana Masood Azhar the hijackers are demanding, as an Islamic militant group based inPakistan.

Meanwhile, India ambassador Naresh Chandra on Friday said that New Delhi and the United States are in “real-time engagement” exploring ways to end the hijacking of Indian Airlines flight 814. He also refuted media reports that suggested US President Bill Clinton may cancel his trip to South Asia in the wake of the hijacking. “The subject is not
under review and the visit remains as before,” he saidon Thursday. He said India is also looking at roles that other
“friendly countries” could play to defuse thesituation. “Cooperation between the United States and India has
increased and Mr Talbott is applying his mind to the issue,” Mr Chandra said, while addressing correspondents in Washington in the afternoon.

Mr Chandra said he had several meetings with US state department officials including deputy secretary of state Strobe Talbott, over the past few days. He also met US under secretary of state for political affairs, Mr Thomas Pickering, on Thursday to discuss the situation arising out of the hijacking. He said the United States response is supportive in nature, but declined to divulge details of the cooperation stating that it was not appropriate at the moment to say “What they do and what they can do.” Mr Chandra said the recent upsurge of terrorist activity in Jammu and Kashmir and the hijacking were part of a larger attempt to destabilise India. “Somebody is directing them,” he said. To a query whether the Indian government is mulling over the option of sending commandos to storm the plane, he replied that this is not being considered at the moment. Asked why the aircraft was allowed to fly off after it had landed at amritsar airport, Mr Chandra replied, “The situation at Amritsar was extraordinary … There is no textbook hijacking and solutions.” He said “Many things were taken into consideration, and the threat to the lives of the passengers was great.” “What if they had started shooting the passengers?” heasked. Reacting to the murder of the passengers on the plane, Mr Rupen Katyal, by the hijackers and their refusal to free his wife, Mr Chandra said, “To my mind this is a special brand of barbarism.”However, he expressed the hope that the hijacking would end peacefully and the passengers would be released in time to go home for New Year`s Day.”Report: Zee News Bureau

R. Gupta
100 Seagram Drive, Apt # 236Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3B8CANADA


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