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(2000) Police dossiers reveal 35 men are committed, dangerous

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 11, 2009

A Special Correspondent in Delhi

The Jammu and Kashmir government has sent a detailed report to the Centre about the 35 militants, whose release
has been demanded by the hijackers of Flight 814.

On Saturday, December 25, the hijackers had demanded the release of Maulana Masood Azhar, the secretary general of
the Harkat-ul Ansar, who is imprisoned in Jammu’s Kotbalwal jail.

On Tuesday, December 28, the hijackers added 35 more militants to the list.

On Wednesday, the Centre asked the state administration for an updated dossier on each militant, including
information about their background, their crimes and where they were presently incarcerated.

rediff.com obtained an insight into the dossier late on  Thursday night.

  1. Mushtaq Ahmad Zargar. He has remained chief of the Al-Umar organisation which was earlier patronised by then Pakistan Occupied Kashmir President Sardar Abdul Qayoom Khan. A Pakistan-trained militant who was actively involved in anti-national activities since the early eighties. He was instrumental in the spread of militancy in downtownSrinagar and the banning of Maruti Gypsies and Omnis in the valley. He is involved in a number of killings. He is presently lodged in the Central Jail, Srinagar, under the court’s orders.
  2. Nasrullah Mansoor. Police records show him to be a highly motivated and committed jihadi. He belongs to the Harkatul Jehadi Islami and fought Russian forces in Afghanistan. In Doda he led a militant group which ambushed a Border Security Force patrol killing ten BSF personnel. He is lodged in the Jodhpur jail in Rajasthan.
  3. Naved Iqbal, son of Mohammad Iqbal, resident of Mirpur, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. His full name is Naved Iqbal Bhat alias Tahir. He was arrested on January 2, 1995 by security forces and was the district commander of the Kashmir Freedom Movement.
  4. Muzamil Ahmad Dar, s/o Ghulam Mohammad, r/o Kotli, PoK. He is involved in attacks against the security forces and belongs to the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front. He was arrested in April 1995.
  5. Sayeed Mehboob, s/o Afsar, r/o Rawalpindi. He is a Pakistan national who belongs to Rawalpindi.
  6. Mohammad Akran Baloch, s/o Dalil Khan, r/o Balochistan. He was arrested in October 1995 for his involvement in gun running.
  7. Naseer Ikram, s/o Qazi Ikramul Haq, r/o Gujranwala, Pakistan. He is presently lodged in the Kotbalwal jail in Jammu and belongs to the Jamaitul Mujahideen. He was arrested in August 1994. He acquired arms training at Yawar in Afghanistan, but there are no cases against him.
  8. Suhail Ahmad, s/o Shahbaz, r/o Dangikotli PoK. He faces charges of throwing grenades and was a member of the JKLF. He is involved in the killing of two people and a BSF soldier in Habbakadal. He was arrested in October 1996.
  9. Saifullah Khalid, s/o Sher Khan, r/o Mang, PoK. He was with Al-Burq, but later joined the Jamaitul Mujahideen. Arrested in October 1993, he is presently lodged in Jammu’s Kotbalwal jail. He had set up hideouts in Anantnag.
  10. Ruhail Ahmad, s/o Mohammad Zaman, r/o Kahuta, Pakistan. He is a strong motivator and was associated with the JLKF.
  11. Sofi Jamal, s/o Bulund Khan, r/o Rawalpindi. The Al Burq militant was active in Kashmir for three years before his arrest in February 1996.
  12. Nassarullah, s/o Nazir Ahmad, r/o Afghanistan. He belongs to the Bazaraq Parwan Afghanistan and was a member of the Lashkar-e-Toiba.
  13. Sultan Ahmad, s/o Bashir, r/o Khanabal, PoK. He received his arms training in the Liza camp in Afghanistan. Involved in several attacks, he was arrested in September 1994.
  14. Mohammad Farooq Raju, s/o Mohammad Sharief, r/o Kotli. Afghan-trained militant of the JKLF, who was involved in abductions.
  15. Sayed Khalid Hussain, s/o Sayed Khadim Husaain, r/o Panjgram, Muzaffarbad. Associated with the Islami Jamaitul Tulba, he later joined the Hizbul Mujahideen. He received arms training in Afghanistan.
  16. Ghulam Mohammad Bhat, s/o Haka Bhat, r/o Kahuta, Pakistan. He motivated people to join the militancy. Police records show him to be an extremely religious individual. Presently lodged in Jammu’s Kotbalwal jail.
  17. Bashirat Ali, s/o Ali Asghar, Bhimber, PoK. The Kashmir Freedom Movement activist was arrested in January 1995.
  18. Sayed Sajjad Bukhari, s/o Shah Pal, r/o Mirpur. JKLF member involved in the killing of an assistant manager at the Uri project. Arrested in June 1996.
  19. Mohammad Sayed Khan, s/o Mohammad Sulaiman, r/o Nomanpora Bagh. He entered the Kashmir valley through Kupwara after being trained in Afghanistan. Now imprisoned in the Kotbalwal jail, after being arrested on August 21, 1994.
  20. Abdul Hai, s/o Ajmal Malik, r/o Haqnawazsheikh, Pakistan. Tried to disrupt the 1996 election. Arrested on November 18, 1996.
  21. Mohammad Yussuf, s/o Mohammad Ayub, r/o Nowkote, Mirpur. Arms courier for the Harkatul Ansar. Arrested on August 31, 1996.
  22. Jaffar Ali, s/o Sabir Ali, r/o Gujara, Muzaffarabad. Active in militancy.
  23. Alam Khan, s/o Bahram Khan, r/o Shredara, Muzaffarabd, PoK. Arms courier for the Al-Umar.
  24. Sultan Ahmed Miyan, s/o Ghulam Jeelani, r/o Khanabal, PoK. Alias Abu Umar. Trained in Liza camp in Afghanistan. Involved in several attacks. Arrested in September 1994.
  25. Waqar Shah, s/o Imran Shah, r/o Hazara Sarhad. Arrested on March 26, 1996, this Harkatul Ansar member was involved in explosions.
  26. Zulfikar Ali s/o Sabir Ali, r/o Hyderabad, Pakistan. Took part in the Afghan civil war, associated with the Islami Inquilabi Mahaz. Involved in several encounters in Poonch before his arrest in 1993.
  27. Nasir Mohammad Soudozi received extensive arms training in Yawar camp in Afghanistan. The Harkatul Ansar militant was arrested on April 29, 1996. He was handed over to the Delhi police.
  28. Mohammad Hassan Shafiq Chinant, r/o Jhena, Pakistan. He acquired arms training at Khost and entered the valley in September 1994. In 1995, he joined Mast Gul in Charar-e-Sharief in January 1995. He was arrested in May 1995 and is imprisoned in Kotbalwal jail. Police records say he disclosed that the Charar-e-Sharief shrine was set ablazeby Mast Gul.
  29. Mohammad Arif Khan. The Harkatul Ansar militant is lodged in a West Bengal jail. His family had leanings towards the Mohajir Quami Movement, he acquired training at Harkat camps in Maskar, Afghanistan.  articipated in armed actions against security forces and was influenced by Maulana Masood Azhar, the Harkat secretary general. Involved in planning to disrupt the Amarnath Yatra in 1994. Arrested in May 1995.

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