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(2000) Re:: Military Coup in Pakistan

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 11, 2009

During first 11 year democratic period so-called civilian politicians played havoc with the economy and the assets of
the state.They plundered the excheqer and resources of the country and new record of corruption were set.These feudals and capitalist Politicians even couldn,t formulate a constit ution,so this corrupt, chaotic and anarchic rule created a reaosn for Gen.Ayub Khan to take the power in his hands and impose Martial law.

During 1968-69 student movement created a revolutionary situation but due to the lack of leadership and a revolutionary organization this revolution was diverted. But when in 1971 Pakistan army laid down arms in east Pakistan again it was a situation of revolution,but to stop revolution reforms were used and the Govt were handed over to Z.Bhutto who actually knew the real charactar of 1968-69 revolution and so he developed a radical socialist programme at that revolutionary period. Actually he was carrying out a democratic counter revolution to resist socialist revolution In Pakistan. So it was a civil politicion who prevented working masses revolution and hijacked their slogan and movement.Once he made a speech in Sindh and said that I have pushed Socialism thousand year back from Pakistan.
After the death of ZIA ,once again working masses attached their hopes with Benazir Bhutto when she came back in Pakistan in 1986.Million of people gathered in streets to welcome her and raised the slogan “: [ Benazir has come and brought the revolution]”:

But unfortunatly working masses didn,t knew Benazir will do the same for which she had been sent by imperialists.So the Benazir again saved the capitalism and state.She also prevented the revolution by another democratic counter revolution. History was repeating itself .The hopes of workers and peasants and students were dashed. The ensuing democratic period was another nightmare for the masses. For instance, the expenditure of health and education during the year of military in 80s was 8.4% of GDP, while in 90s in the so-called democratic era this expenditure went down 2.15% of GDP.

In Pakistan existing system Govts changed like musical chair. As Nawaz Sharif got two third of majority in parliment but only 17% of the electorate actually went to the poll .

Under the dictates of IMF & WB Sharif acted upon the most reactionary policies of privatisation and downsizing ,unemployment rosed one million yearly.The bad loans of bank defaulters had reached a staggering Rs.497 billion by the end of Nawaz rule. More than 5000 large and medium scale factory units have closed down due to the tarrif policies imposed by IMF &WTO.In its last stint in power of last 960 days the Nawaz family wound up 80% of business in
Pakistan and bought shares in South Korean multinationals. Such was the confidence of Pakistani capitalists in its system. Dozen of youths were killed in police encounters during Nawaz & Benazir Govts.

Curse of child labour is widespread and it can not be eliminated within the existing system as million of families survive on the basis of this social stigma.The landless peasants live an animal existence of the dark ages.In fact Pakistani politicions have failed to complete the formation of a nation state or a nation as such. The demise of the paralysed ,debilitated,anaemic and subservient democratic regime has once again demonstrated the incapacity of such a set up to to solve the problems under capitalism..There are no economic resources to sustain this politicle superstructure.They are being sucked up by the massive corruption of the so-called national bourgeoise,the chief justices, bourgeoise politicions and bureaucrates. In reality parlimentary politics had become a profitable business for the ruling elite.The masses could see that and bore this democratic orgy.

Hence at the demise of corrupt capitalist Sharif regime not a single tear was shed,not a wail heard and not a gesture of protest was seen.The people were unperturbed,they felt a sort of meek relief yet there were no real hopes in the new military regime. There was a generalised feeling bewilderment and concern,still unspoken.This also proves that the Muslim League is less of a party and more of an offshoot of the state,which uses to erect Democratic facades.The so-called democrates have more or less welcomed the coup. A large number of them are lining up to get a post in the interm set up.Their greed for power has become obscene.The reaction of Benazir and the PPP leadership is shameful.While superficially opposing a dictatorship there was a clear welcoming tone for the military coup.
The people fought against the dictators with blood sweat and tears and their leaders led them in to dreams of peace,prosperity.Yet when they woke the reality was pain,hunger,bloodshed and misery.

If democracy was the sloution then why the need for a dictatorship??
And if the dictatorship could salvage societies and cleans them from corruption then why do the struggles for democracy erupt against the dictators.??

Rasheed Khan
Worker JK.NSF
Karachi Branch.


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