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JK NAP and its forming.

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 11, 2009

Jammu Kashmir National students federation was formed in 1966 by some progressive students from POK. Its first president was former POK prime minister Mumtaz Hussain Rathore. JK NSF has been produced a large number of political leaders, activists, academics, intellectuals, since its formation. There are so many political activists active in different political parties in POK are trained by JK NSF during students career. JK NSF has been continued its political struggle in POK colleges and university campuses during three decades. After three decades, JK NSF leadership started an open dialog in early 90s among different pro-independence political groups. This discussion continued till mid 90s, JK NSF leaders felt that it is very important to have a new political party which can continue JK NSF political struggle in masses. It was very important task for JK NSF leadership to launch a new revolutionary political party in POK. JK NSF headed by its president Engineer Hassan Muhamood, secretary General Nadeem Aslam. JK NSF visionary students leaders had realized that it is the need of the time to have a revolutionary political party in POK area. After long discussions, debates, seminars had been launched in public halls, colleges and university campuses. JK NSF members also participated in these discussions launched by their leadership. JK NSF leaders had made contacts with other progressive left groups in POK and brought them in to these discussions, some opposed this proposal of forming new party and some of them did join it. After long deliberations, JK NSF General council had approved new party proposal in its central convention held in 1995 and JK NAP was formed in the same year.
Soon after JK NAP was formed in 1995, it did attract a large number of youth from POK area. JK NAP elected (Late) Sardar Anwar Khan advocate its first president. It was an historical moment for JK NSF youth and JK NAP cadres when they elected a towering personality, top intellectual and long time revolutionary political leader as president of this newly launched revolutionary party of this oppressed and occupied region of Kashmir. JK NSF leaders now started joining this newly formed revolutionary party and with in a decade party has spread its revolutionary message all over POK cities, towns and villages. During this period JK NAP also suffered some internal external crisis but trained, committed, ideologically well equipped comrades have struggled hard to counter all ill wills and brought out this revolutionary party on track. It is very important to know that JK NSF has been written its history with the blood of its youths through out these 4 decades and sacrificed many of its activists including one of its central General secretaries Faheem Akram, who was killed by pro Pakistani local Govt,s agents in Bagh city. JK NAP was the direct out come of this 4 decades struggle of JK NSF and JK NAP activists did follow the sacrifices of JK NSF comrades and last two comrades during a unity march towards one of the most oppressed regions of this unfortunate Kashmiri nation, the occupied Gilgit Baltistan, formerly known northern province of Kashmir. It is a region, the most brutally ruled by Pakistani state.
After struggling hard in the region of POK, JK NAP leadership had decided to expand its organizational structure abroad, where half of POK population lives, especially in UK, Europe, U.S.A and middle eastern countries have been holding 1.6 million Kashmiris from POK areas. JK NAP national Council decided to form JK NAP international council, Nadeem Aslam central leader of JK NAP and former JK NSF central secretary General of JK NSF was appointed as its spokesman and Javed Inayat as its coordinator. International council has already formed its several branches, which have been functioning more than 10 countries since two years. It is very important to know that IC JKNAP has decided to launch an aggressive campaign among Kashmiri diaspora preparing them to play their important role to defeat the enemies of our divided nation. IC JK NAP leaders, activists and members have been active on different fronts to bring all freedom loving Kashmiris together. It is JK NAP intention to launch an aggressive policy against foreign occupation not only in different regions of Jammu Kashmir but also on international front. IC JK NAP will be soon paying an attention towards launching a diplomatic activities and will be exposing Indian and Pakistani states institutions crimes committed against innocent Kashmiri civilians both side of LOC. It is JK NAP intentions to create awareness among Kashmiris towards their democratic rights, which have been violated by our occupiers since 6 decades. JK NAP has been expanding its organizational based in POK areas and youths from this area is considering JK NAP a real ray of hope and joining its ranks in all over POK. Internationally IC JKNAP has extended its working capacity, especially in U.K. which is a home of a little less than a million POK people, party has announced its local convention on 4 oct 2009, which is a great success for IC JKNAP generally and particularly for U.K branch. It is also good to know that lots of our old time JK NSF leaders and activists are also joining JK NAP nationally and internationally, last week 16 JK NSF former leaders, activists from Bagh joined JK NAP ranks and 20 JK NSF leaders from Kotli joined JK NAP, we all welcome them, it is a great success for our party,s strength. This week JK NAP also holding its central convention in Poonch city of Rawalakot. It will be a thrilling gathering for POK youth and big leap to our freedom struggle. In will be a source of inspiration to all occupied regions of Kashmir. We hope that Kashmiris from all divided regions will sooner or later get united and overthrow the menace of foreign occupation, which has been a source of all problems. It must end as soon as possible.

Javed Inayat,
coordinator IC JKNAP.


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