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JKLF president Younis Ch wins county council elections

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 11, 2009

Labour party’s recent misfortunes in UK and recent decline in its governments popularity comes with a silverlining.

I am pleased to inform that another politician colleague (JKLF uk and europe president) Mohammed Younis choudhary has reaffirmed his credentials with an incredible electoral victory by taking a county councillor seat for the Tory party.

He unseated an old labour stallwart – deputy leader of the group who had held this seat for 22 years. Commiserations to my labour friends.

Our heartiest congratulations to Younis chourdhy and his campaign team. I think there is hope for old and budding kashmiri policitians who may have been touching on  despair becuase of national and international political climate.

another success for JKLF colleagues to be proud of:
Another old friend and former JKLF leader in UK is in the fray for a parliamentary seat. Lets wish him luck.

best wishes for the future

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