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K NAP new body held its first meeting.

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 11, 2009

IC JKNAP  جموں کشمیرنیشنل عوامی پارٹی

Press Release

Jammu Kashmir National Awami party ( JK NAP) held its new elected body,s meeting in Rawalpindi. Meeting was president over by its central president Liaqat Hayyat. Party new elected leadership deliberated on party affairs, prevailing political situation in POK and discussed how party will be preparing itself to handle the changing pollitical situation in south Asian region. JK NAP central body made the following decisions.
1- JK NAP district bodies conventions must be held before the month of september 2009.
2-Didtrict Poonch will hold its convention on July 13th, 2009.
3- International council JK NAP will complete its units as soon as possible and will hold its convention to form its next body.
4- Three members finance committee has been formed..
5- JK NAP new central cabinet has approved separation from APNA, unanimously, which was decided by previous cabinet with consensus.
6- Party has decided to expand its discussion how to go in to POK election process.
7- Dharna on LOC will be further debated and grand meeting will be held on these two issues, election and Dharna.
8- Party will begin its membership campaign all over POK from next week.
9- JK NAP nominated four National Council members, Raja Mahmood, Bashir Qurashi, Arshid Malik and Javed Shariff.
JK NAP discussed prevailing political situation in POK and shown great concern that Pakistan is preparing itself to use section 56 to dismiss POK Govt and JK NAP would resist it, therefore, it has happened so many times and we did resist it and will do it again. JK NAP wants Pakistani state to respect our right of vote, no one except POK voters should have been allowed to remove our elected Govts. It is unfortunate that our POK Govts always try to make Islamabad,s rulers happy, they have never cared about their voters demands. Islamabad controls this region with its strong military means and unelected civilian institutions. JK NAP has never been  accepted these undemocratic institutions nor draconian laws imposed by Pakistani state against the will of our people. JK NAP new leadership vowed to fight out all these injustices and will be struggling to bring about the positive changes and will establish fair democratic and transparent system for all of us.

Taking Oath by jknap1995.

Ex.President Javeed Shrief Advocate taking oath from new elected President
JKNAP Liquat Hayyat  and other leadeship at Rawlakot (POK )

Taking Oath by jknap1995. JK.NAP Convention  by jknap1995.

Posted By,
Nadeem Aslam Advocate,
Spokesperson IC JKNAP


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