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Kashmir’s regular ‘stone pelters’ flourish in demonstrations

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 11, 2009

Srinagar ‘Pitch’ Kaka, Arshad ‘generator’, Arshad ‘googly’ – these are not the names from the lexicon of the Mumbai underworld but are ‘stone pelters’ in the valley who have got these nicknames after targeting the police during demonstrations.

“So many cases have been registered against them. We, in fact, have lost track of their actual identity,” a senior police official said in Srinagar.

Pitch Kaka looks like any other middle aged person enjoying ‘kahwa’ in the warm afternoons in Srinagar but come any demonstration, this 50-year-old starts hurling stones on the forces with an impeccable accuracy.

Another stone pelter Arshad from Rainawari, who was killed last month, got the sobriquet “generator” because he used to ‘start’ hurling stones during any protest.

“Teri jaan meri jaan” is not a movie title but name of a professional stone pelter who shouts this line before aiming at the police.

An interesting case is of “uncle chips”, a middle-aged seller of chips and cold drinks who targets the policemen during demonstrations and then sells his chips and cold drinks to the tired protesters.

Their names appear in the police files with such frequency that their original names are hard to remember in some cases, the official said.

“Stone throwing has virtually become a business for these people and there is no stringent law to take on them,” he said adding they easily got bail.

On many occasions, these miscreants also find themselves at the receiving end, some getting hit by bullets or rubber bullets fired by the security forces to disperse

Raju ‘rubber bullet’ was hit twice by rubber bullets.

Dilruba, cobra, Arshad googly and Hartal are some other nicknames which figure prominently in the police files in Srinagar.


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