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leaflet explaining JKLF Formula to solve Kashmir Issue.

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 11, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen!

You will agree and there are very weighty arguments and undeniable facts in support of the point of view that India’s hope that time itself will solve Kashmir problem to her exclusive advantage and Pakistan’s dream that entire Jammu Kashmir State will fall into her lap, sooner or later, are nothing but living in fool’s paradise. Both have been daydreaming, trying to destroy each other and are in the process, inflicting serious injuries on themselves too.

India has been incuring, from taxpayers money, an extra expenditure of over 50 million rupees a day ( including that on Siachin) for over a decade despite the fact that hundreds of millions of Indians are living below poverty line. This is in addition to average of one Indian soldier being killed every day. India, the erstwhile moral leader of the Third World now looks an expansionist colonial monster, having no regard for human rights or humanitarian and moral values. All this just to continue forcible occupation of bulk of Jammu Kashmir State utterly against the will of vast majority of its people. For the last ten years Indian rulers have been claiming every now and then that normalcy had returned to Kashmir only to be ridiculed by fresh events of attacks on their armed forces and there is no stop to it, nor in sight. Doesn’t this state of affairs make a laughing stock of Indian’s hope that time would itself solve Kashmir Issue to her advantage?  As for Pakistan, not to say of entire Kashmir falling into her lap, she has not been able even to convince the world that she is a well-wisher of Kashmiris with the result that even her closest allies don’t go beyond lip service on Kashmir. Not to say of getting entire Kashmir, she had to vacate the liberated areas of Kargil and that too not very gracefully. All her allies pressurised her to vacate the area which had been snatched from her by India in 1971 war. Pakistan could not get Kashmir when she was in far far better position than she is today and will be for quite some time to come. Pakistan’s present paralysed economy and diplomatic muscle, her lack of self-confidence and internal strife ridicule her dream of getting entire Jammu Kashmir State.
Three most destructive and bloody wars between India and Pakistan, one causing breakup of the latter, were the result of the animosity created by their daydreaming about Kashmir. If Kashmir remains unsolved, any thing can happen any time including a nuclear war. Cutting long argument short, continuation of the present Kashmir policies of India and Pakistan are bound to harm both irreparably, darken their future and add to the agony and thrawldom of Kashmiris.

Ladies and gentlemen! In the light of the aforementioned bitter realities, it is the national duty of every Indian, Pakistani and Kashmiri individual in general and of their intelligentsia and people at the helm of affairs in particular, to do whatever they can to put an end to the prevailing painful and dangerous state of affairs and the most effective way to do so is to have Kashmir Issue solved once and for all.

There is no denying the fact that selfish and short sighted approach to the issue on the part of the governments of India and Pakistan and of most of Kashmiri leaders who kept on dancing to the tune of their paymasters in New Delhi and Islamabad at the cost of their own national interests, went on making it more and more complicated and it is now an imbroglio. But equally true is the fact that solving Kashmir Issue to reasonable satisfaction of all its parties i.e. Kashmiris, Pakistan and India, is not impossible too. The cherished goal can definitely be achieved, the only proviso is reasonablity and urge for it, of all the three parties. The Formula explained in the enclosed leaflet can solve Kashmir Issue to maximum possible and reasonable satisfaction of all the three parties. It can solve the issue not only peacefully, equitably and permanently but also without hurting the national egos of India or Pakistan, without jeopardising their national ideologies (India’s secularism in particular which is in the best interests of Pakistan as well) or harming their legitimate national interests, without causing mass-migrations, bloodshed or communal/ethnic disturbances and on the basis of Kashmiri peoples national aspirations and freely expressed and unfettered will.

Ladies and gentlemen! Don’t you think we all owe it to our future generations to ensure for them a peaceful, prosperous and respectful life? With world having turned into a global village, don’t you think we also owe it to the world, and in fact to ourselves, that it also enjoys peace and is ensured undisturbed functioning of its political, economic and social order?
If your answer to both these all-important questions is in affirmative, the best way to put your answers into practice is to raise your voice, in favour of implementation of the Formula, through press and writing to concerned quarters i.e. to the governments of India and Pakistan, to influential leaders of both the countries, to UN Secretary General and
>the Security Council, to embassies of influential countries in India and Pakistan and to OIC and NAM telling them that you want solution of Kashmir Issue as provided by the Formula. I request you to do so not because it is JKLF Formula but because I sincerely believe and relevant and undeniable facts confirm it, that it can solve the Issue with
>maximum possible reasonable satisfaction to all concerned. I am sorry for being rather blunt but that was unavoidable. Last but not the least, ladies and gentlemen, let us change the beautiful Kashmir, the erstwhile and present thorny bone of contention between India and Pakistan, into a bridge of real and eternal friendship between them as therein lies the real emancipation of all the three and, of course, of the world at large. God bless us all.

Your sincerely,
(Amanullah Khan)
Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF).
Address: (C.I.O) B-144 Satellite Town, Rawalpindi-Pakistan
Telephone: +92-51-425689 Telefax: +92-51-450414
E-Mail: jklf@… Web Page:


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