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Press release AJKSF

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 11, 2009

Press release AJKSF

Thursday 11th June, 2009


All Jammu Kashmir Students Front, a representative body of students from schools, colleges and universities, has strongly condemned the use of brute force by C.R.P.F on peaceful protests by Students at Pulwama town in which near about 50 students were wounded and many of them stated to be critical when they were marching towards Shopian to show their resentment against the rape and murder of a student and her sister in law and to express solidarity with the bereaved family.

AJKSF Spokesman while terming the Shopian incident as shameful and condemnable denounced the use of unbridled power to quell the students protest “even the female students were not spared they were ruthlessly beaten and tear smoke shells were fired indiscriminately at students marching towards Shopian at sheermal village such kind of brutal force is condemnable to say the least. The student community is in deep shock and anguish over the Shopian incident and in it a teenaged student, Asiya, who was brilliant and a meritorious student got snatched away by the wolves in human mask so inhumanly. Students had marched towards Bongam to express their solidarity and to pay homage to the fellow student but were forcibly stopped from doing this” spokesman said.

Meanwhile AJKSF has demanded the stern punishment to the culprits involved in the Shopian incident and has hailed the resolve of students who despite the restrictions took out protest rallies in various parts of Kashmir against this dastardly act.

Issued by: – All Jammu Kashmir Students Front

Head Office: – Sarai Bala Amira Kadal Srinagar

Web: – www.studentsfront.co.cc

Email: – mail@studentsfront.co.cc


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