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Re: Another own goal

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 11, 2009

Dear Shabir Sahab,
Assalamu alaikum.
It is a basic rules of discourse that when you make a statement and follow it with implicit or explicit “but, however, etc” .. you fully negate your statement and your first statement becomes worthless. If you have to sympathize with the victims of the Indian tyranny in Kashmir, then leave it at that…why do you have to follow it with stories of atrocities of Pakistan in Bangladesh or in Swat?
You have clearly demonstrated that you sympathies with the raped and murdered women are superficial, in spite of your obligatory mention of pain. You justify horrors committed by Indians because occupiers “do such things, and because human rights abuse, rapes and murders are common”.   By complaining and saying “but do we need to write an article on every rape and every murder which takes place?”  you are basically telling Kashmiris to shut-up and not write about it. Well, if that is that case, then why do you complain about the actions of Pakistanis in Swat etc? Why write about every murder, bombing, rape and HR abuse that Pakistan commits? Why don’t you heed your own advice?
You seem to have lost the ability to put yourself in the shoes of the Kashmiri Muslims! We in Kashmir are suffering a pointed plan of horror filled destruction and death just for the mere fact of being Kashmiri Muslims. Where do you see that happening in POK? Pakistan is not raping, killing, orphaning, and destroying at a large scale in POK for your being Muslims or Kashmiris, is it?
Shabir Shahab, you need to get your priorities right. Please stop doing this kind of damage to us.  If You have an axe to grind, and a grudge, against Pakistan then take your discourse to an India based anti-Pakistan hate forum. You attempts at damage control on behalf of India, or assassination of the image of Pakistan will serve its purpose better there. Who knows, you may even become a hero for the Indians there.

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