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Re: Another own goal

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 11, 2009

Dear friends, Today I came across the highest degree of shameful and disgraceful thoughts about the rape and murder of innocent Kashmiri women since this unfortunate incident occurred few days before in Shopian. This incident has stunned each and every household of Kashmir and yet Shabbir Chaudry has tried to brush it aside by calling it an “evil of a society, which are common everywhere”.

Keeping differences aside, the innocent Kashmiri women victims do deserve some respect especially from those who claim to be champions of freedom struggle. I salute the courage of my Kashmiri people who are still on roads despite facing economic hardships.

There is no second thought to the fact that India is and has been using rape as a weapon against Kashmir’s. The incident of Shopian is NOT “just a social evil”. Infact it is India’s state policy to subjugate and harass our people.  But their shameful acts can not derail us from the path of Azadi. The martyrs of Shopian have strengthen our resolve and let me assure you that we Kashmiris will go to any extent to get our homeland back from the occupiers. We have learnt a lot from last 20 years and Mr. Chaudry your propaganda against our sacrifices will go in dust bin. That is where it belongs to and that is where it has been in the past.

I am proud of my Kashmiri mothers who haven’t given birth to a shameless person like Shabbir Chaudry who brushes this cruelty of rape under the carpet of “Social Evil”. His father belongs to Pakistani Panjab “Jehlum” and being his son still receives pension from Pakistani army. It is better for him to raise social evils of Pakistan and leave us Kashmiris alone. We know how to defend, fight and respect those who have sacrificed everything for our nation.

Mr. Chaudry gets reward from Indian agencies for writing against our freedom movement, and surely he will get a bigger cheque this time. After all he has tried his best to defend in nice possible words, this rape committed by his masters. What a shame, is this the only way you can feed your family by ridiculing the sacrifices of our martyred women? Get a life, Mr. Loser!!!!

Shahid P. Mir,


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