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Re: Another own goal

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 12, 2009

In reply to Dr Shabir Chaudhary.

If it were a tragedy for the family and their friends Indian Congress would not have regarded it as shameful. And if Indian Union did not have a civic conscience it would not have decided to send its Home Minister P. Chidambaram to review the security scenario in the state.

It is a tragedy for the strengths of Indian democracy and for the institutional wisdom of India. Above all it is a tragedy for a State Subject who has a provisional bilateral agreement with India assuring him that the Indian soldier would protect ‘life’, ‘honour’ and ‘property’ pending final decision of the people of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a tragedy for other people living in AJK and Gilgit and Baltistan, controlled under trust obligation by the Government of Pakistan, assumed under UNCIP resolutions.

I don’t agree with the criticism that Dr. Shabir Choudhry has misdirected himself in his analysis just for any gain from India. He has gone to his possible limits of analytical abilities. In fact this analysis does not cause any good for Indian claim either. And Indians would not encourage such a poor analysis in any case.

We should not forget that the judges appointed to conduct enquiry in the Shopian rape and murder case get their salaries from Indian exchequer and every judge before he is elevated as a Judge has to be certified clean by IB and RAW. It does not make those judges IB or RAW agents.

Late Justice V Tarkunde, chief justice of Bombay High Court stood for the Rights and Right of Self Determination of the people of Kashmir. So has Justice R Sachar, chief justice of Delhi High Court, supported the Kashmir case? It does not make them ISI agents either.

Dr. Shabir Choudhry is a State Subject and he should be respected in that regard.

It would be more helpful if Dr. Choudhry does not get provoked by phone calls to write an article or to respond to a crisis. He should do it in his own time and out of his own choice. . A provocation is the death of originality of analysis.

Syed Nazir Gilani

Secretary General-JKCHR


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