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Memorandum: Inqilabi to Dr Manmohan Singh

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 14, 2009


 June 13, 2009

Nageen, Hazratbal, Srinagar.

Respected Dr. Manmohan Singh,

Honourable Prime Minister of India

Compliments �

As a humanist I feel that it is time when Dr. Manmohan Singh, the unassuming and suave personality enjoying power as the Prime Minister of India and who has the requisite capacity and capability to address the festering Kashmir issue with volition and resolve, should take Pakistan and Kashmiri leadership into confidence for a permanent solution of Kashmir issue. Manmohanjee and rest of the global leaders who are eager to sympathize and empathize with Kashmiris should certainly commiserate with the suffering people of Kashmir. Alas!, Kashmiris have been writhing with agony and torment caused by the perpetual repression and suppression here for the last six decades. Recently U.S President, Mr. Barak Husain Obama � the  global rabble -rouser having incisive urge for a change from regressive fixation to futuristic humanism, tried to be vocal and straightforward while dilating on the global issues in Cairo University (Egypt) on June 4, 2009. His realism and political acumen should coax and cajole the global leaders to adopt proactive and objective approach to global issues which have bedevilled and embittered relations between nations and continents.

So it is time for the restitution of the peace process which got stalled due to unpredictable events deplorable and reprehensible indeed. Why should India and Pakistan remain permanently entrenched and embedded in the mesh and marsh of uncertainty, mistrust and socio � political cataclysm  ? Days of one –  upmanship have gone. Let rationalism and objectivity prove as a force majeure in determining the nature of the relationship between two nuclear powers of South Asia. Kashmir continues to be ‘ fuse in the tinder –  box’ of South Asia. New Delhi cannot elude the culpability for the tragic episode of Shopian where two innocent girls fell a prey to the vandalism of ‘ security forces’ who outraged their modesty and subsequently slaughtered them ruthlessly. The tragic and condemnable act triggered off unrest here over the blatant human rights abuse and violation. In the ongoing  peoples’ agitation against the scourge, which is aimed at breaking the will of the people to resist the onslaught of totalitarianism,600 Kashmiris got injured and a few votaries of Kashmir freedom struggle were literally eliminated by the trigger � happy men in uniform.

Of late, some resistance leadrers including Syed Ali Geelani (the ailing stalwart), Shabbir Ahmad Shah, Nayeem Ahmad Khan, Ashraf Sehrayee and Asiya Andrabi Sahiba were arrested under PSA, the draconian law, and lodged in different jails of Jammu. Some senior leaders of JKLF too were put behind the bars under the same act. Thus the simmering and brewing feelings of rancour and acrimony got automatically augmented. The brash and rash proactive role of the authorities boomeranged and back � fired. Please hold back for soul � searching. Are Kashmiris supposed to be cannon � fodder?

In the political conclave on June 12, 2009 in Islamabad (Pakistan), Pakistani and AJK leaders including M.Fazal-ur-Rehman, the renowned opposition leader, vociferously espoused the Kashmir cause � right to self-determination. And all the humanists of India are prompt in wooing Kashmiris by expressing solidarity with them and their freedom aspirations. It is our optimism which is resilient.


Wish you success                                                                


Khuda Hafiz                                                                  

M. Azam Inqilabi

Patron Jammu & Kashmir Mahaz-e-Azadi


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