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72,218 Kashmiris martyred during last decade

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 16, 2009

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72,218 Kashmiris martyred during last decade
……….ISLAMABAD (January 2) : In Indian-occupied Kashmir, 3,116
Kashmiris were martyred in custody.
……….According to the annual report, compiled by Kashmir Media
(KMS), 195 Kashmiri’s were martyred in the month of December alone.
Seventeen of them were victims of savage torture in custody. 848 people
were injured and 314 innocent Kashmiris were arrested. Seventeen people
were missing in custody. Nine women were disgraced and 63 houses were
blasted, by the troops.
……….The KMS report said that 72,218 people were martyred by Indian
troops in occupied Kashmir during the past 10 years. Of them 4,501 were
killed in custody.
……….40,000 people were crippled for life during excessive torture
in the
……….Some 7,500 women were disgraced during the period. Some 994,400
houses and shops were destroyed in military shelling. Thousands of
Kashmiris are rotting in Indian jails and interrogation centres without
trial. Kashmiris have been subjected to Indian violence since 1947 but
last decade saw the demon of death and destruction, stalking streets,
and dales. The death and destruction carried out in this period has no
parallel elsewhere.
……….In a brutal act of vengeance, the troops blasted alive a young
youth, Bashir Ahmed at Chaodora, in Budgam district.
……….Earlier, he was mercilessly tortured in custody. People of the
area held
furious demonstration against this savagery and staged a protest sit-in.
Intense tension grips the entire area.
……….Daily business remained suspended in Sopore due to a protest
against the savage vindictive action by troops following killing of a
soldier in
Sopore Chowk. The troops carried extensive and violent crackdown in the
city, ransacking houses and disgracing women.
……….The APHC, in a press release in Srinagar said, that
victimisation of
the people continued in Srinagar following the recent attack on the Task
Force headquarters in the city. The ban remained enforced on all
movements in the night from Baghaat Barzala to Rawalpura localities.
People are not allowed even to go to mosques for Taraveeh and Fajr
prayers. Some 48 hours-long crackdown was carried out at Wangpura, in
Islamabad (Anantnag) area. People were subjected to torture and women
harassed. Youth were taken to military camp at Malikpura, in Islamabad
severely tortured.
……….The Mujahideen clashed with troops at Malot, in Surankot area
Poonch, killing and injuring a number of them. One Mujahid got martyred.
military vehicle was blasted on Kllar-Pulwana Road, 50 kilometres from
Srinagar and all those on board were killed and injured.
……….The troops, in vengeance, carried out violent raids on houses,
arrested over a dozen innocent people. A police post was attacked in
Udhampur and five policemen were seized and taken away.
……….A 13-year-old boy was tortured by troops at Waagad, in Budgam
and left bleeding profusely. Four innocent young men were arrested in
……….A lady teacher, Rashida Begum, was shot dead by Indian armed
agents at Daara, in Rajopuri area. In Indian agent was shot dead at
in the same area.–APP
……….Copyright 2000 APP (Published under arrangement with Associated
Press of Pakistan)

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