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AJK to consider hijackers'

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 16, 2009

kashmir-global-network : Message: [kashnet] AJK to consider hijackers’

AJK to consider hijackers’ request

ISLAMABAD (NNI) – Prime Minister Azad Kashmir Barrister Sultan
Mahmood Chaudhry Saturday said his government will consider if hijackers
of the Indian plane made any request to be allowed to enter the AJK
“We will consider the request if the hijackers want to come to Azad
Kashmir. But first we should ascertain who they are,” Sultan told reporters.

“Let first the request come from hijackers’ side,” the AJK Prime Minister
said, when his attention was drawn towards reports that the hijackers are
heading towards Azad Kashmir. He said the hijackers have not arrived in
Azad Kashmir.
He said Maulana Masood Azhar is a Pakistani national and “he would like
to come to his hometown”. He said the hijacking drama was maneouvered
by the Indian intelligence RAW just to brand the Kashmir freedom
movement as a terrorist
He said India staged the hijacking drama because of the growing sympathy
and awareness about Kashmir issue internationally. He referred to
President Clinton’s recent statement in which he hinted that the Kashmir
issue would be resolved in the year 2000.
He said India is worried over the growing international support and that is
why it is staging various dramas to defame the movement for
Asked on one hand your are terming the hijacking as a drama, but the
hijackers secured release of Kashmiri fighters, he said RAW used such
tactics to defame the Kashmiris.
He questioned India’s role in the whole episode, saying that Indian
government’s permission to the hijacked plane to leave Amritsar air port
had raised a lot of questions. He said India wanted the hijackers to kill al
passengers, but failed to do so.
Earlier addressing a function organized by Kashmiri group “Lashkar
Tayyba” the AJK Premier said delay in Kashmir solution had put in danger
the credibility of the international community.
He said complicated issues like Bosnia, East Timor and Kosovo have been
resolved in 10 years, but the 50 year old Kashmir issue was still
He said it is a question mark on UN credibility, saying, “We want
implementation of the UN resolutions on Kashmir.


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