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Charles Gouschen dies in road mishap Dal will miss its saviour

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 16, 2009

kashmir-global-network : Message: [kashnet] Charles Gouschen dies in road mishap Dal will miss its saviour

Charles Gouschen dies in road mishap Dal will miss its saviour

GK Correspondent

Srinagar, Feb 1: Charles H Gouschen, a renowned enviromentalist who
campaigned for the preservation of Dal lake and worked with the Valley’s
inhabitants for
more than five years to create awareness about the environment, died in a road
accident in
Johnesberg, South Africa recently.

Charles perhaps needs no introduction in Kashmir as he will always be remembered
for his
dedication to work in the troubled Valley to create eco-awareness and spend days
nights to keep the Dal clean. Charles left his country and family in early 1995
and came to
Kashmir as a tourist. The serene beauty of the Valley charmed him and he fell in
love with
her people. Charles dedicated himself to work for the betterment of the Valley’s
and campaign for its environmental concern.

Charles started his campaign by writing a regular feature entitled Environmental
Watch in
Greater Kashmir and also started going from door-to-door to educate the people
importance of a clean Dal lake and its surroundings.

In 1996 Charles established a non-governmental organisation (NGO) Green Kashmir,
which pioneered a concerted effort to save Dal lake and its vicinities from
callousness. One of his contributions was an organized system of garbage
collection by
Shikara workers covering over 5000 structures in and around the lake. Besides
Dal dwellers
Charles involved hundreds of school children in save-the-Dal campaign and was
instrumental in awakening the state government to come to the rescue of the
dying lake.

Although Charles is no more among us today but he will be long remembered for
environmental work by Kashmiri people and above all the Dal lake will miss him a

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