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Division of Kashmir or the UN Plebiscite

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 16, 2009

kashmir-global-network : Message: [kashnet] Division of Kashmir or the UN Plebiscite

It is a welcome addition on the Kashmir Issue. i would be tvery happy to
share my views on this very important security and human rights issue the
world is faced with.

In response to my proposal for a division of Kashmir based on the muslim
majority and non-muslim maority areas, i was surprised to see that most of
us American think that the division of kashmir is a good and very practical

However, the respons efrom the people directly concerned was very different.
i must say it was against my expectations.

A number of my indian friends have rebuked me to buzz off an ddo not poe my
nose in their backyard. They vowed to teach Pakistanis and Kashmiris a
lesson, in case they ha dforgotten that of 1971. thers with cooler heads,
agreed to the propsal as being rational but said Indian government would not
agree to any scheme in which it has to part with any piece of Kashmir.

My pakistani friends mostly favoured for the UN Plebiscite but also agreed
to the division of Kashmir as a second best alternative.

The most shocking respons ei got from numerous Kashmiris was that I was
promoting American Agenda on Kashmir and that they wanted the UN-Plebiscite
alone and vehmently opposed the idea of the Division of Kashmir. Some of
them openly supported a Free and independent Kashmir as they were dismayed
at the Pakistani policies towards Kashmir. However, none of the Kashmirs
ever supported living under india. They either want to be with Pakistan and
complete the 1947-Partition plan, or be independent country, as a whole – no

If the UN-plebiscite is the only acceptable option for the Kashmiris and the
Pakistanis, I fail to understand how india could be persuaded to honor her
commitments, unless the US and the EC take astand position against india,
which is most unlikely.

i have no idea what could be done to kashmir at this stage, short of a war
that will destroy both india and Pakistan, including Kashmir.

May be the UN Security Council could use its collective head in the matter!

I think both indians and Pakistanis should listen to diktats of logic and
divide Kashmir. This way, the both will have a piece of cake and can rest in

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