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Fighting US war breeding militancy: Qazi

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 16, 2009

Fighting US war breeding militancy: Qazi

ISLAMABAD (SANA): Former Jamaat-e-Islami Amir Qazi Hussain Ahmed has said that the government cannot eliminate the militancy without giving up fighting the US war.

Addressing a seminar tilled “The Country’s Security, Challenges and Solution” held at National Press Club here on Monday, he said that the military operation against the Taliban was a conspiracy hatched by the US, India and Israel against the army, nation and the country.

He said that the US had been engage in the war against Muslims in the name of war on terror and the government was supporting the US in this war; therefore, it must clarify that whether it was supporting the US against the Muslims.

“The so-called war against terrorism can never attain victory rather it will insecure the army men inside the cantonments” , Qazi added.

JI leader said that the common man was the real victim of the military offensive launched against the militants and it would force the people to react against the government; therefore, it was the need of the hour that the government should quit the US companionship in so-called war on terror in the better interest of the country.

He urged the government to press the US for pulling out its forces from Afghanistan for the durable peace of the region.

“JI is not supporting the militancy, but the government is killing innocents in the military operation in the name of militants. It also expanded the operation to South Waziristan against the tribes which set Azad Jammu & Kashmir free from Indian occupation back in 1948”, Qazi stated.

He said that the army was using highly destructive weapons in the operation as the jet planes were pounding 500 kg bombs on the tribesmen which reflected the fact of indiscriminate killings of the people.

He said that Pakistan was established in the name of Islam as the Muslims of the subcontinent gathered on the slogan of Two Nation Theory; therefore, the peace could not be restored without implementation of Islamic system in the country, for which it was established.

He said that the ideology of Pakistan was symbol of the unity, but the deviation of the rulers from it forced the people to talk of freedom from Pakistan.

The government is doing nothing more than lips services regarding provision of facilities to the internally displaced persons, JI leader stated.

Qazi proposed for the formation of a Jirga comprises of the politicians which would press the government to halt the ongoing military operation.

He said that the people’s representatives did not have real power as it was laying with the establishment of the country, adding that without transition of the real power the people’s representatives, the country’s issues could not be resolved.

He said that it was the need of the time to implement unanimous education system in the country because dual education system was also widening the gulf between the upper and lower classes of the society which could disrupt the whole system any time.

When inquired about the budget presented recently, he said that it had nothing to do with the current economical crisis, adding that the parliament was not taken into confidence as well.

He said that the change could not be occurred without bringing basic change in the country’s economic system. The downtrodden segment of the society is ignored in this budget despite the fact that they have more rights on the country’s resources than the elite calls.

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