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Fwd: A Possible Solution to the Kashmir Problem

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 16, 2009

kashmir-global-network : Message: [kashnet] Fwd: A Possible Solution to the Kashmir Problem

I suspect this steve is another imposter, probably a pakistani with a
blinkered view. These people are hell bent on taking kashmir at the
cost of ‘last kashmiri’ for the vengence of Bangladesh.
I would like to ask this man how dare you propose such a stupid idea to
disect our mother land between India and Pakistan and not even bother
asking the kashnmiris ? Do you think we are animals and can be bartered
How would you feel if someone came along and proposed that we would
like to divide your house you live in between your two neighbours
because becuase they are fighting over it? worse how would you feel if
we just asked the bloody neighbours of yours to see if they would like
to take parts of your home and not even bother to ask for your opinion ?
You would you not condemn the idea and fight against it ? you would be
mad not to bit if by any chance you think its ok to divide up your home
between your neighbours for the sake of avoiding trouble with them my
advice would be to go and see a doctor at an early stage … cos you
are nuts

Steverodma wrote:

What could be a Possible Solution to the Kashmir Problem?

It is obvious that the principled solution is to respect the Kashmiris
of self-determination through a UN-organized referendum in Kashmir as
has been
done in East Timor.

And the result of such a referendum is also quite clear – the Kashmiris
vote for Pakistan.

But india would never agree to such a vote or to implement the results.

Many of my indian friends have asked me as to whether i would support
the Right
of self-determiantion of the Kashmiri Hindus as well, like ehose in
Jammu, and
the Bhuddists in Laddakh who would NOT like to join Pakistan and may
opt for
India. I say YES.

I now ask my Pakistani, indian and American friends as to how would
they react
to my following proposal of “DIVISION OF KASHMIR ON THE PRINCIPLE OF
PLAN” i.e. we divide Kashmir between India and Pakistan on the basis of
Majority areas of Kashmir going to Pakistan and remaining stays with
india. It
will satisfy the Kashmiri muslims and create a win-win situation for
both india
and Pakistan and a tremendous amount of goodwill for the US and
specially for
President Clinton in his last term of Presidency. He would be
remembered in the
history as a real peace maker in the Middle East, Europe and South Asia
– something
which was next to impossible!

I would welcome your frank views, specially of my Indian and Paisatni
and the State Department.


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