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It is a matter of perspective

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 16, 2009

It surely is the matter of perspective. Does living in Kashmir valley or any village of Azad Kashmir make us less wiser or less able to understand the situation? We Kashmiris living in any part of Kashmir do not need a magic wand to or a bulls eye to see what is happening around. This thinking depicts the egocentric, selfish and biased character of a failed person.

If it was just a social evil, it should have handled by the local Auqaf committee of Shopian. Infact, it is the worst kind of Human Rights abuse being inflicted on Kashmiris by Indian army. Even India has not categorically denied the involvement of armed forces into this heinous crime. All the evidences do clearly suggest that Indian army has committed this crime. One of the neighbours of Nelofar and Aasiya said to greater Kashmir that “Our daughters were picked in broad daylight, raped and then murdered”.

The analysts should always keep the sentiments of the masses supreme while discussing the crisis which holds the nerve of the Kashmiri people. It really upsets us Kashmiris if someone even questions the role of armed forces in this incident and then calls it just a SOCIAL EVIL or India being an occupied force has the right to rape our women.

Infact not many people in United Kingdom endorse the views of Shabbir Chaudry. He has become a laughing stock and is being viewed as someone who does not hold an essence of Kashmiyat in his character. He has been isolated by Kashmiri and Pakistani community in UK and his so called struggle for independence is marginalised to Kashnet and some Indian newspapers who publish his propaganda. He spends his whole analytical ability to praise India and her outstanding influence in the world.

It is useful occasionally to look at the past to gain a perspective on the present. Mr. Chaudry used to go on hunger strike on each human rights abuse committed by India in early 1990. Has India gone out of Kashmir or has Indian army been more lenient to Human Rights in Kashmir since 1990?

I think it is high time for Shabir Choudhry to feel a sense of remorse and realise the cracks in his analytical ability.


Shahid P. Mir

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