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Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 16, 2009

Mr. Muzaffar Shah, Senior Vice president JKANC met with Union Home Minister Mr. P.Chidambaram at Nehru Guest House in Srinagar along with Mr. A.R.Badhana, General Secretary, Mr. Abdul Gani Naseem Chief Spokesman, Mr. Miraj Siraj Press Secretary and Mr. Imran Rahi Senior Party Leader. Mr. Shah handed over a copy of the Memorandum sent by ANC Chief Begum Khalida Shah to Her Excellency The President of India on the Shopian and Kellar incidents stressing on the immediate revocation of the AFSPA, Disbanding of Task Force and SOG, whereabouts of Disappeared persons, compensation to HR victims since 1989, return of migrants to their homes, comprehensive package for the 500,000 unemployed youth and convening of Intra Kashmir Conference at Srinagar. Having received and read the copy of the memorandum at New Delhi two days ago, the Home Minister stated that all points raised in the Memorandum are under active consideration of Government of India and will be dealt on a priority basis.
Mr. Muzaffar Shah strongly advocated the immediate need for revocation of AFSPA as it was the root cause of all the diseases plaguing the Kashmir Valley. As the State Government had enough powers vested in them to revoke AFSPA, it did not require clearance from the Central Authorities to do so. The opposition PDP, instead of crying hoarse should demand convening of emergency session of State Legislature and pilot a bill demanding the revocation of AFSPA. Making noises about it by the ruling coalition and the opposition is merely an eye wash, Mr. Shah told the Home Minister.
The Home Minister’s attention was drawn to the immediate removal of all paramilitary and central forces to their barracks and was given a detailed insight to the mammoth expenditure running into thousands of crores under “Security Related Expenditure Head”, which was a burden on the Tax payers of the State as well as the State and Central Exchequer . An immediate end to this wasteful expenditure was demanded and this amount needed to be utilized towards the welfare of 500,000 unemployed youth. The HM’s attention was also drawn to the Ruthless, Callous and Highhandedness of the men in uniform both of the Central and State forces while dealing with the common man on the streets and the dictatorial behavior displayed on roads , shopping districts, tourist places, in particular when the families of the high and mighty enjoy shopping or tourist spots while thousands of children, sick people on way to hospitals, people traveling to offices get stranded for hours for their pleasures.. This was a source of major irritation and alienation towards the men in uniform behaving like Viceroys.
Mr. Shah and the delegation further dwelt at length on the following issues with the Home Minister.

1. The massive security related expenditure be cut down. The fleet of cars and personnel accompanying politicians and bureaucrats was a drain on the state exchequer. Thousands of persons housed in hotels with security personnel and vehicles plus Rs.4, 000/= per month paid as migrant allowance and the rent of hotel accommodation be brought to a halt with immediate effect. The savings from this could be used for employment generation or payment of stipend towards 500,000 unemployed youth.
2. Assessment of Kashmir situation could not done from the Nehru Guest House but it should be a trip to the place of mishap for an on the spot assessment. Merely a bureaucratic briefing and meeting with the powers to be was a futile exercise. The so called peoples representatives lack the ground support to control such situations as they did not enjoy the public backing they claim. They have managed to enter corridors of power through manipulations, match fixing and illicit means. We should not forget that J&K today was the Number One corrupt State in the country. The so called representatives of the people could not muster guts to visit Shopian and other areas and those who went amidst heavy security Bandobast were booed way.
3. Mr. Shah categorically stated that the persons /parties claiming to be the representatives of the people of Jammu and Kashmir on the basis of the recently held State Assembly and Parliamentary elections were no representatives at all. A lot of loop holes are yet to be plugged in by the Election Commission India, when it could be claimed that such Elections could throw up the Real Representatives of Jammu and Kashmir. A detailed analysis in a open letter to the ECI was being put forward by JKANC and remedial measures in particular to the EVM software lapses are being sought. The Home Minister was informed that if corrective measures on the conduct of elections in Kashmir were not taken at once, the day was not faraway when each Assembly/Parliament ary segment was simply pocketed by persons giving the highest bid for that segment.
4. Removal of forces near places of worship where a minor incident becomes a reason to warrant severe and harsh response, particularly seen at Jamia Masjid, Srinagar was demanded. The HM was reminded of the effective and top class governance procedures laid down by founder president and former chief minister Late Jenab G.M. Shah, while dealing with law and order situation in Kashmir. Curbing of peoples right to protest results in violence which is responded by the forces and police by counter violence resulting in injuries and death. These measures keep the pot boiling and the vested interests are hell bent upon to vitiate the prevailing situation for the longevity of the repressive measures.
5. Last but not the least, efforts for a peaceful solution of the Kashmir issue have to be speeded and for this the formula laid down by late G.M. Shah for holding Intra Kashmir Conference for Peace and Solution was put forth to the Home Minster and its back ground explained with reference made of the meeting held by JKANC founder President and Former Chief minister Late G.M. Shah with Hon’ble Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh a few months ago.. The HM advised the delegation that a copy of The Intra Kashmir concept and its present status be forwarded to him for his study and understanding of the purpose and importance of holding its first session in Kashmir. Mr. Muzaffar Shah will be forwarding the same to the Hon’ble Home Minister at New Delhi as JKANC was preparing for holding the first Intra Kashmir Session at Srinagar in the month of Sept 2009.
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