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JKLF (R) Press release

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 16, 2009

JKLF (R) Press release


Tuesday 16th June, 2009



On the eve of Vice-President of India Hamid Ansari’s visit to valley to address convocation in University of Kashmir Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (R) has appealed the people of Kashmir to observe complete strike on Saturday 20th June to show the resentment against his visit to valley and to register the protest against the dual rape and murder of Shopian women   


JKLF (R) spokesman has said that “though we have nothing personal against the Hamid Ansari (V.P India) but as the Vice President of India he represents the colonial, imperialistic, occupying and evil troops of India who are indulging in worst kinds of human rights violations in Kashmir, he represents those who have martyred more than one lakh people, who have violated the chastity of our mothers and sisters of which the recent example is of Shopian were C.R.P.F raped and then brutally murdered our two Kashmiri sisters and ironically same people are being invited and warm reception is accorded to them and in the name of cultural programmes same people are presented before our sisters this is shameful”.  


JKLF (R) spokesman while castigating the Vice-Chancellor of Kashmir University said that “he is the one who on the behalf of his Indian masters went from east to west to attend Conferences to propagate the Indian agenda by speaking against the national interests of Kashmiris and he is the one who has done much harm to the Kashmir cause by mortgaging his consciousness to further the Indian nefarious designs”.


While expressing his concern on Shopian incident JKLF (R) spokesman said that “there are certain powers behind the scene who want to suppress the facts in Shopian case but we don’t know who they are and they are trying their level best to save the guilty of this unpardonable and heinous crime. India which claims champion of human rights and democracy should feel shame on its part to suppress the voice of people using her military muscle to deny them their basic and birth right and muzzle and caging those dare to raise voice against oppression and injustice of which the arrest of Muhammad Salim Nanaji, Farooq Ahmad Dar alias Bitta karate Shabir Ahmad Shah, Masarat Aalam Bhat, Nayeem Khan, Syed Ali Geelani, Asiya Andrabi is the example for every one to see”.


Meanwhile JKLF (R) has paid glowing tributes to a youth Muhammad Shafi Bhat of Preschou Pulwama who succumbed to his injuries after getting critical injuries in police action when he was protesting the rape and murder of two women in Shopian.


Issued by: – Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front

Head Quarter: – Rajbagh Srinagar Kashmir

Web: – www.liberationfront.org

Email: – jklfhq@yahoo.com , jklfhq@gmail.com    


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