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JKLF Took out a Rally and Held a Public Meeting at Khaigala (Rawalakot)

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 16, 2009


JKLF Took out a Rally and Held a Public Meeting at Khaigala (Rawalakot)

Rawalakot, June 12: Jammu Kashmir National Liberation Front (JKNLF) arranged a big rally in connection with the protest against Pakistan’s interference in Pakistan-Administer ed- Kashmir’s (PAK) affairs followed by a public meeting at Khaigala (Rawalakot) the other day. The rally passed through the city during which the entire `bazar’ remained closed. All the traders, transport unions, students, lawyers and general public participated in the rally. The participants shouted slogans against the Pakistan’s interference in the local affairs of the PAK through its institutions and agencies like Kashmir Council, Ministry of Kashmir Affairs, Lent Officers, military and its agencies. The meeting was presided by JKNLF’s president, Mr. Shaukat Maqbool Butt, while stage secretary was Mr. Khizar Ashraf. Those who addressed the meeting were: Farooq Niazi, Advocate, Arif Shahid, Sardar Qadeer Khan, Sardar Abdul Rehman Khan, Sardar Shamshad Khan, Advocate, Sardar Ilyas Jhandalvi, Mr. Azhar Kashar, Sardar Kashan Masood and some others. The speakers announced that their movement would continue till Pakistan ends her illegal occupation of PAK by withdrawing her oppressive institutions like Kashmir Council, Ministry of Kashmir Affairs, Lent Officers, military and its secret agencies. They said that Pakistan was likely to extend Sawat’s war into PAK and Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) where its erstwhile heroes (now terrorists) would play havoc with the local population, but it would be resisted at all costs. We who inhabit PAK and GB have been deprived of all our rights by the Pakistan and we, therefore, would have to snatch our rights back through natural course of struggle, they said. The natural course of struggle according to them would be to fight against the real occupier and not imagined one. They said that they would have to get freedom from their respective occupiers, which was Pakistan, while people living in Indian-Controlled- Kashmir (ICK) would struggle for their freedom from India, for it was the only right and natural course of struggle. They also expressed their opinion about Jammu Kashmir National Awami Party’s (JKNAP) decision to withdraw from All Parties National Alliance (APNA) and said that any group’s or party’s decision to leave APNA won’t affect its popularity or struggle, rather it would emerge as a stronger force, for more and more disciplined and dedicated groups and parties would join it in the due course of time. They were sure that those withdrawing today would regret and repent their unwise decision tomorrow. As far as APNA is concerned, its place as a peaceful political entity is already determined and nobody can harm it. In the meantime, Mr. Iqbal, Advocate, chairman APNA, also addressed the meeting from Gilgit on telephone and said that JKNAP’s withdrawl from APNA at this stage amounted `no confidence’ on his leadership as well as a conspiracy to create distance between the people of PAK and GB, but assured such elements that they would not succeed and the conscious people of both the territories (PAK and GB) would continue their joint struggle for the common cause from the APNA’s platform and APNA would grow stronger and stronger with each passing day. He also hinted at the forces behind such an unwise and unpatriotic decision. He said that since time was the best judge to prove as to who was used to create disharmony and distrust between various units of Jammu Kashmir and by whom, and also that who were those people who were striving to unite all the units of Jammu Kashmir to organize their united struggle. He further said that the forces who had used the leadership of JKNAP to scatter the APNA were very fascist forces who were responsible to damage and destroy the peace of their own country as well as that of the entire region, and were likely to face the poetic justice very soon. He said that only a democratic, secular and socialist system could fulfill the political, economical, social, cultural and religious requirements of all the units of divided Jammu Kashmir and, therefore, it would be imperative to strengthen the democratic, secular and socialist foundations in all the divided units which could only be done by an alliance like APNA to unite people of all the units.
Issued By JKNLF

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