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Kashmir Conference in Islamabad——! Is it Kashmir Conference?

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 16, 2009

Kashmir Conference in Islamabad— —! Is it Kashmir Conference?

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, an office bearer of Kashmir American Council (KAC) – an institution sponsored by the secret agencies, who has recently attended OIC conference, has held a conference to unite all the pro-Pakistan elements on one point agenda at Holiday Inn Hotel in Islamabad on 11th June, 09. What points are normally discussed in the OIC conferences is an open secret now. Any representative of Jammu and Laddakh have never been given representation in these conferences. Not to speak of non-Muslims, even Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) where Shia population constitutes majority have also not been given representation in OIC. Only 2 persons who are sure to attend these conferences are: the puppet prime minister of Pakistan-Administer ed-Kashmir (PAK) and Mir Waiz Umar Farooq from Valley of Kashmir. In whose hands their strings are everybody knows. And every body knows that they are working for the division of Jammu Kashmir or for the re-unification of the state of Jammu Kashmir. The dark aspect of this episode is that the custodians of God’s house – `Kaaba’ and the petty cleric at Muzaffarabad are stuck at the same point – Valley of Kashmir. Whereas the objective conditions of Jammu Kashmir, visa-vis, its geography, history, civilization, culture and religion etc demand different approach to understand, treat, address and resolve this issue. As far as Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai is concerned, he is made to sit in New York by the powers that be to run KAC, so that Americans could be approached, influenced and bribed, where necessary, to toe the line of Pakistan in the context of Jammu Kashmir dispute. I question his credentials if he claims to be the representative of the people of Jammu Kashmir that what is the source of his resources to run such a huge and expensive NGO. Has he ever visited Indian-Administered -Kashmir (IAK), or even PAK and GB except Islamabad and Muzaffabad? As far as I know he visits Islamabad to meet high officials to clear his accounts or to meet those who came here to get training for `jehad’ in 80’s and 90’s. How funny that an expert of oven to produce bread, a plumber and a dish-wahser, all came here to become intellectuals, commander-in- chiefs and philosophers respectively. All of them pretend to be united on one point that they would drive away India from Valley of Kashmir and would hand it over to Pakistan. Besides, those from PAK who have always been fed and milked by the GHQ also swear God Almighty that they would not rest content till India is replaced by the Pakistan in the Valley of Kashmir. All of them are the chips of the same block, and since their interests are attached to Islamabad, they call PAK as `Azad Kashmir’ and IAK as `occupied Kashmir’. The fact is that due to utter lack of secularism and democracy and the rampant religious oppression, the slavery is more intense and severe in PAK than in IAK, where there have never been any martial law or dictatorship. So, this is not any sort of Kashmir Conference, but just a conference to satisfy the interests of a few puppets, if Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai doesn’t mind that. How come that a conference without representation of Jammu, GB and All Parties National Alliance (APNA) could be called as `Kashmir Conference’? Elements from these entities were not only not invited, they were not allowed to join this conference. I was called to join conditionally (if I could follow the official point of view) at 11 a.m. on 08 June, 09. My reply was that everything would be decided according to the merit on conference table. I was called again to refuse entry one day earlier. Does it not prove that GHQ considers Kashmir as its fiefdom or Jagir? Do they think that by roping in all such puppets they would be able to put Kashmir in the lap of Pakistan? It is an unfortunate historical fact that the migrations as a result of freedom movements have always been converted into commercial commodity and industry of some sort, but the way proxy war in Kashmir named as `jehad’ was commercialized during 90’s and the process still continues is unprecedented. The conference called by the powers that be in the name of Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai in Islamabad is the explicit proof of this commercialization. Here, another question also arises: Which Kashmiris are being brought on one point agenda? There is no representation of Jammu, Laddakh and GB. Valley of Kashmir is being represented by those who have had 2/3 marriages after coming here from the other side of LOC, are linving in big mansions with big limousines in Islamabad. Have they brought all these things from Srinagar? If not, then they are representing those who have afforded all these pelfs and privileges to them and are not representatives of any unit of Jammu Kashmir, but pure and simple fraud. They are using the name of people for filling their personal coffers. As far as PAK is concerned, who are representing in this conference? Sardar Qayyum, Sardar Sikandar Hayat, Sardar Attique, Barrister Sultan Mahmood and Sardar Khalid Ibrahim etc. These are the people who have always been saying that if Jammu Kashmir gets complete freedom and independence, they would prefer to live in 10 marlas house in Pakistan instead of living in a secular, democratic independent Jammu Kashmir. This is the state of their loyalty to the cause of freedom of Jammu Kashmir and also to the Pakistan! Could such people be considered and called the representatives of freedom movement of Jammu Kashmir? The print and electronic media of Pakistan displays petty events at Srinagar by multiplying them many times; while big protests, rallies and public meetings against the injustice and excesses of Pakistan at various places in PAK and GB are not mentioned even. But this so called free media like PTV, `Waqat’ and Geo do not feel any necessity of any certificate about the events taking place at Srinagar. I am sure that mere propaganda would not help us in our freedom struggle, nor we shall be able to bring about any change. This sort of puppet behaviour is just enough to fill our bellies, but is not enough for any worthwhile change. For that we shall have to face the hard facts regarding ground realities. We are in favour of constant and continuous contacts between the people of various units of Jammu Kashmir through conferences, workshops, seminars and cultural programmes. Centre for Dialogue and Reconciliation (CDR) based in Delhi had arranged one such conference in Islamabad on 2-3 June, 09, which had to be cancelled because Pakistan embassy in Delhi didn’t issue visa to the delegates coming from India and IAC, whereas delegates from all other units of Jammu Kashmir had already been invited. What a contradiction? Now, on the one hand, Pakistan and its puppets do not want a conference being represented by all the units and all the shades of opinion to be held; but take pride for holding a conference participated only by their puppets, on the other hand. In fact, they want to confuse the people of Jammu Kashmir as well as the world at large that they are with the Muslim majority in Jammu Kashmir. But if the people of Jammu Kashmir, especially Muslims, have not learnt any lesson from the 20 years proxy war resulting in 80 thousand graves and, that too, without achieving moral high ground or a single inch of land, God help them! Those electricians, plumbers and oven handlers turned philosophers after crossing LOC, who are teaching us the lesson of patriotism and freedom through Pakistani media should know that we are more patriotic for struggling against one who has occupied and enslaved us, and that is Pakistan. We are fighting against her interference, exploitative character and illegal occupation. The philosophers coming from that side just abuse India through Pakistan’s media and receive compensation for that readily. They are busy in teaching the lesson of `jehad’ to the sons of poor and are educating their sons in the expensive educational institutions of Islamabad and Murree.
At the same time are holding such luxorious conferences to unite puppets on one point agenda. What is that one point, only God knows!
Written By: Arif Shahid


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