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[kashnet] possible solution of Kashmir

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 16, 2009

kashmir-global-network : Message: [kashnet] possible solution of Kashmir

Though it was not my intention to respond but since
many people have reacted on his proposals which can be
any individual,s opinion or can float on behalf of
anyone.as a matter of fact such type of proposals are
being floated unofficially and also such type of
division considered to be one of the solutions.and the
statement of Pakistani former foreign Minister sirtaj
Aziz few months back by which he had stated that
Pakistan initiate holding refrendum from District
level and will ask India to follow as well.which was
idirectly refering such type of division.so instead of
being emotional one should try to evaluate it because
if our leadership will be laying the foundations for
division in that situation not only such type of
proposals will be floated rather it may become
reality.though whoever has proposed this possible
solution seems to be ignorant of history that if
Bengalis being a co-religion could not live together
who had made numerous sacrifices for Pakistan or
current sectarian strife in Pakistani society or
linguistic and other Nationalities issues are better
answer to his or her proposals.but i am fully
convinced that problem lyes in our approach toward the
issue.as few people have attributed it to as an Indian
attempt to creat hate against Pakistan while same
attempt can be made by the Pakistani circles as well
but our approach clealy indicates what we meant from
independence or freedom.

Mumtaz Khan

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