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KEWA Mourns the Death of Green Kashmir's Founder

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 16, 2009

kashmir-global-network : Message: [kashnet] KEWA Mourns the Death of Green Kashmir’s Founder

“An poshi teli yeleh wan poshi.”
(Food lasts till forests last.)- Sheikh Noor-ud-Din

Kashmir Environmental Watch Association – K.E.W.A.
our website: http://www.kewa.org

KEWA Mourns the Death of Green Kashmir’s Founder

The members of the Kashmir Environmental Watch
Association (KEWA) are terribly sorry to hear of the
death of Charles Gouschen, founder of “Green Kashmir”,
in a car accident in South Africa.

His pioneering efforts to save Dal Lake and to foster
environmental awareness in Kashmir were truly unique
in the level of concern and love it demonstrated for
Kashmir. Gouschen symbolized to Kashmir the borderless
nature of the environment, that the environment itself
is global. His work in Kashmir exposed Kashmiris to
this important concept.

No doubt he will be long remembered and terribly
missed by all who care for the environment of Kashmir.

KEWA would like to extend its condolences to our
colleagues in “Green Kashmir”, especially Yasmin Ali
and other office bearers. The environmentalist
movement in Kashmir must increase its efforts to save
Kashmir’s precious ecosystems, and Dal Lake in
particular. This will be the greatest tribute we can
offer to Charles Gouschen.


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