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Let's not forget

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 16, 2009

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Dearest All,

Habitual pattern prompts me to wish you a Happy New Millenium, as
otherwise there are scanty reasons for us to revel in this momentous
historical juncture.

However, as is said, “In all things it is better to hope than to
Let’s hope and pray that the onset of this millenium brings peace,
harmony and prosperity to our motherland, if we do not forget certain
basic principles of good conduct, which are taught to us in our primary


Let’s not forget that human life is very precious.
Let’s not forget that we hold our natural resources in trust, and that
it belongs to posterity.
Let’s not forget that we shouldn’t preach what we do not practice.
Let’s not forget that corruption rots a society, and is perhaps the most

heinous crime.
Let’s not forget that we do not have any moral authority to destroy what

we cannot build.
Let’s not forget that humanity is the ultimate faith.
Let’s not forget that nations are built collectively.
Let’s not forget that education is the ultimate salvation.
Let’s not forget that we shouldn’t hasten to forge alliances.

Best Regards

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