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Maqbool Butt anniversary

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 16, 2009

kashmir-global-network : Message: [kashnet] Maqbool Butt anniversary

Press release, 2nd February, 2000

JKLF members all over the world are to commemorate Maqbool Butt Shaheed
anniversary on 11th February.

JKLF in Srinagar is to announce a program of activities for the day in
due course but in Azad Kashmir various jklf branches and allied
Kashmiri pro-independence groups are to hold joint rallies at district

In London, the JKLF UK-Europe will hold a mass demonstration on Friday,
11 February, at India House, Aldwych, London where jklf members
thoughout the UK will join annual picket to protest against the Indian
government’s hanging of Maqbool Butt Shaheed 16 years ago.

on 12th February, The USA chapter of the JKLF will hold a special
commomerative meeting at 4pm in the Nashemun Restuarant in Brooklyn,
New York.
JKLF leaders from AK,IHK and UK are expected to speak at this meeting.

Other pro-independence Kashmiri groups such the Kashmir Freedom
Movement and National Liberation Front are expected to also take part
in the demonstrations meetings.

On 13th February, another Kashmiri nationalist group the Peoples
National Party is to hold a rally in Birmingham and at the following
Luton branch of JKLF UK/Eupope will hold a commemorative meeting where
JKLF leaders from
AK IHK are expected to speak. ENDS

Sagir Ahmed
{Press Secretary, JKLF UK/Europe)

/>>JKLF millennium calendar with previously unpublished colour picture
of >>Shaheed-e-Kashmir is now available from JKLF UK-Europe website to


/>>This calendar will be available in pdf format next week for Kashmiris
to >>download print and display in their homes and offices. Hard copy
can be >>purchased from JKLF offices around the world.

/>>JKLF have also published Maqbool Butt audio message which is
accessible from >>JKLF main website http://www.jklf.com. This also
includes a new colour >>portray of the main while speaking at PF


JKLF-UK-EUROPE,P. O. BOX 55, BRADFORD, BD3 8YF, United Kingdom

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