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Not Amanullah virus

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 16, 2009

kashmir-global-network : Message: [kashnet] Not Amanullah virus

Dear all Aslamo Alaykam and happy New Year

I am gradually recovering from 4th spell of illness in the last 12 months. Some
friends suggested that perhaps this last illness was caused by Amanullah virus
we all saw on our screens sometime ago.

I strongly reject this idea. It is true that Mr Amanullah Khan’s statment was
poisinous and full of lies and half truths; it is also true that my immune
system has become very weak over the successive spells of illness, ranging from
angina, serious lung problems, back and shoulder problems etc, but I can assure
you this virus cannot cause me any health worries. Viruses which incense from
lies are weak ones and DONOT have power to overcome truth.

Some people have phoned me to respond to bunch of lies sent on the net by Mr
Amanullah Khan. Whereas JKLF section which deals with anti Movement and anti
JKLF propaganda will deal with some of the issues, but there are some matters
which are personally related to me and only I can deal with them.

As every line of Amanullah Khan’s statment is either a lie, half truth, twisted
fact or deliberately taken out of context and requires an explanation, it cannot
be done in one mail. I will have to do it in instalements, and will try to give
the readers full background of the events and then they can decide for
themselves. This will help to keep the record in order and will also help people
( those who are still in doubt) to identify Mr Amanullah Khan’s deeds or

Shabir Choudhry


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