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Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 16, 2009

kashmir-global-network : Message: [kashnet] Re: DARK AGES

Dear Mamu (Sohail Iqbal),


By attributing the term “animalistic” to the current trend of human thought
was not for undermining the animal kingdom. The use of the term was merely
used to give you the picture of our current status in terms which are
understandable and long established, and, the main thrust of my response was
to generate some thoughts with regards the solution.

About the Renaisance in Europe, which you have touched upon. True.. it did
liberate Man to an extent, but, as in the words of Albert Einstien:

“By painful experience we have learnt that rational thinking does not
suffice to solve the problems of our social life. Penetrating research
and keen scientific work have often had tragic implications for mankind,
producing, on the one hand, inventions which liberated man from
exhausting physical labor, making his life easier and richer; but on the
other hand, introducing a grave restlessness into his life, making him a
slave to his technological environment, and—most catastrophic of
all—creating the means for his own mass destruction. This, indeed, is a
tragedy of overwhelming poignancy.”

The problems of life are not merely solved by the introduction of industry.


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