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Re: -=Kashmir-Interchange=- Justice for Nilofer and Asiya

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 16, 2009

Dear Aditya

Time and again the cowardly act has once again being repeated. The Varn-Sankaras the EVILS of the society have once agian tried to repeate its EVIL agenda for thier EVIL motives to be furnished. Whosoever he be, should be brought to justice and exposed to the world to let the world know the real agenda of the EVIL. People in Kashmir blame armed forces and some people have pointed the fingure towards the same lot who acted cowardly in 1989-90 and vitimised Kashmiri Pandit women mercilessly. This is a Shameful act that desparately needed to be addressed, condemned and culprits to be booked without fail with immediate effect [No culprit was booked in previous cases as lots of criminals have been freed for the lack of evidence] so like in the previous cases go for a signature campaign this time as well so that the same can be voiced at the highest forums/ authorities. Sooner the better for us Kashmiris to wake up than act cowardly/ slowly. Some people have suggested International Human Rights orgs to intervene too, Let them know that there are lots of such cases pending since past 20 years. Our priority is to serve justice to innocents particularly women folks.

Dalip Langoo

Victims of similar terror in 1989-90:
1. Girija Kumari Tiku who was gang-raped, and chopped into two equal halves on 11.6.1990;
2. Sarla Bhat gang-raped for 5 days;
3. Prana Ganjoo gang-raped and her breasts were chopped off at a band saw machine;
4. Mrs Babli met with similar fate;
5. Asha Koul too met with simlar fate;
6. Shrimat Roopawati same story;
7. Dr. (Mrs) Soni too met with same fate;
8. and many more henious cases of similar nature…… ………
9. and now Nelofar and Asiya?

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