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Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 16, 2009

kashmir-global-network : Message: [kashnet] Re: thanks

I thought when I ‘reply to author’, I automatically was sending my post to
the group. Please clarify where the mail should be directed- to
kmr_forum@egroups.com or to kmr_list@…. For the sake of general
information, should I cross post on Kashnet or not? I am a little confused
and need your help.

Regarding this new initiative, kmr_forum, I once again commend you for
investing your time and energy for the cause of Kashmir. May you achieve
your goals. I will also like to remind you that not every one will like to
cooperate with you on this or any other initiatives. If you believe in the
strength of your actions, you must move forward unapologetically. Along the
way feel free to recruit support, whether you get it or not. It is clear
that presently your list is not very big and you feel somewhat disheartened
and do not want to loose any one of your potential well-wishers. However,
remember every group starts small and it takes time to build. Look at the
examples of CAIR or for that matter Kashnet. If there are results, the
interest and support is bound to follow. Also what is the rush. My feeling
is that Kashmir problem is not going to be solved soon. We will be fighting
each other more and our enemies less in the big part of this new century.

I did look through the introductory post. I will be able to monitor Columbus
Dispatch for the forum. Maqsood should be able to monitor Cincinnati
Altaf A. Wani

—–Original Message—–
From: KashmirMediaRelations (KMR)
To: wani.2@…
Date: Tuesday, February 01, 2000 12:15 AM
Subject: thanks

/>Dear Altaf Sahib,
/>I am sorry about the mistake. I am afraid I hurt our purpose inadvertantly.
/>Thank you for remaining. It means alot to me.
/>When you get a chance look through the introductory emails, I was hoping
/>and Maqsood might volunteer to watch the Ohio papers as part of the
/>nationwide Kashmir media watch we would like KMR to do:
/>Cincinnati Enquirer: http://enquirer.com/today/
/>Cleveland Plain Dealer: http://www.cleveland.com/news/pdnews/metro/
/>Please send your emails to the forum if you can do this. We are just 2
/>members on KMR and we need everybody’s help.

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