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Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 16, 2009

It is a party that has specialized in nursing hatred, religious bigotry and fanning communalism   and then capitalizing on it. The BJP or its earlier versions in Jammu and Kashmir the Praja Parished or the Bharatiya Jana Sangh or Jan Sangh   have earned the dubious distinction of playing a diabolic role in the state. In fact negativism and this party whatever nomenclature it adopted, are made for each other.  For the myopic and jaundiced approach of this party to the political situations as obtained from time to time the state has suffered immensely. The party for small and petty political gains   has always added communal color to political, economic and social issues concerning the people and added complexity to otherwise very bewildering and perplexing situation of the state. History and role of the party in the state from its birth suggests that it has been suffering from ‘hate-Kashmiri’ syndrome.  In fact it were the cadres of this ideology that destroyed the secular fabric of the state by converting Jammu and its adjacent areas into killing fields in 1947 while people in the valley and many other parts preserved the states cardinal creed of religious tolerance. In 1950, the Praja Parished with shove from Sangh Parivar created chaotic situation by launching an agitation demanding abrogation of Article 370 of Indian constitution. The party after 1975 Indira-Sheikh Accord  tried to play up the dirty card of the “Kashmir hegemony”, fanned communal trouble in Poonch and even made tacitly demanded  merging Jammu into Himachal Pradesh and creating of a separate state of Dogri speaking people.  In 2008 the party blew the agitation against the allotment of forest land to the Shrine Board out of proportion, it stopped supplies of essential commodities and drugs to Kashmir valley and brought the state to the brink of disintegration. The BJP has been always on a hunt to peruse its anti-Kashmir and anti-Muslim agenda in the state. Day after Home Minister P. Chidambaram announced that New Delhi will consider troop’s reduction and repealing of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in Jammu and Kashmir the party came up in arms. The party has threatened of disturbing the security situation in the state and launching a massive agitation in case the number of troops is reduced and draconian laws in force in the state for the past nineteen years are repealed. There is hardly a political party within the state that has not been demanding withdrawing of the AFSPA. Most of the political parties within country are convinced that this act to a very large extent is responsible for grave human rights violations in the state that have earned India a bad name at the international level. It is this act that is seen   responsible for the forced disappearance and custodial killings. It is not only the human rights organization within and outside the country that have been demanding the abrogation of this act but even many important countries have voiced their concern on continuance of this draconian law in the state. It has been but for this act that the European Parliament passed an urgent resolution on the issue of mass grave graves and missing person in 2008 that placed GoI in dock before the international community. The act that has provided immunity to the troops in the state is in fact responsible for many shameful acts that have brought India disrepute. The party instead of having sympathies for the rape and murder victims in Shopian has tried to take political mileage out of this human suffering that has outraged entire state. Dovetailing the delay in the commencement of Amarnath Yatri due to inclement weather to the agitation against gruesome happenings in Shopian speaks for the ideological bankruptcy of the organization. The party opposing repealing of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act and troops reduction manifests a thinking that would put even the worst fascists to shame. The government needs to take very seriously the threat of    disturbing security situation in the state and need to act timely. Better nip the evil in the bud.  Such forces must not be allowed to go ahead with their malicious designs. (GK)

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