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Suspended employees re-instated, arrested leaders released

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 16, 2009

kashmir-global-network : Message: [kashnet] Suspended employees re-instated, arrested leaders released

Suspended employees re-instated, arrested leaders released
Govt announces DA in cash for two months only

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Jan 31: The State Government today announced payment of
two Dearness Allowance (DA) installments in cash to its employees for
January and February this year but expressed helplessness in paying
the DA cash from March onwards.

The Government also ordered re-instatement of all 38 employees, who
were suspended during 42-days long agitation and ordered release of
all employees’ representatives, detained under the Essential Services
Maintenance Ordinance (ESMO).

Meanwhile, Chief Minister, Dr Farooq Abdullah today announced Rs 100 crore
package for employees DA for January and February this year.

In an interview with a private television channel this afternoon, the Chief
Ministers said the second installment of 5th Pay Commission arrears and two
DA installments due to the employees from January 1999 and December 1999
would be credited to their GP Fund accounts. While the employees will get
two DA installments in cash for January and February this year, the matter
regarding its payment in future would be taken up with the Centre and Planning
Commission in February-March.

Dr Abdullah complimented the employees for appreciating the difficult financial
situation of the state and said they called off their strike in the large
interest as the people were suffering due to prolonged strike. With the
re-opening of the offices, the revenue realisation will improve, he added.

He said the State Government would vigorously take up with the Centre the
matter regarding allocation of adequate funds for meeting the employees
demands. The Government, he said, was keen to improve the lot of people and
ensure speedy development of the state.

The Government was cutting down its own expenditure, the Central funding if
imperative for development and meeting the needs of employees, Dr Abdullah
said. He appreciated the efforts of Finance Minister Mr A R Rather in resolving
the issue amicable with employees.

Briefing the state cabinet, which met this morning, regarding an understanding
reached with the striking Government employees, Finance Minister Mr Abdul
Rahim Rather said while the two installments of DA for January and February,
2000 will be paid to the serving employees in cash, the mode of payment of
these installments after two month period shall be decided after reviewing the
financial position.

The DA installments due from January 1999 to December 1999 will be credited
to employees GP Fund.

Mr Rather said the cabinet sub-committee had been talking to the striking
employees for the past some weeks and had offered crediting of two
installments of DA and 50 per cent of the second installment of 5th Pay
Commission arrears in GP Fund accounts while it was proposed to pay the
remaining half of the pay arrears in cash.

He said the understanding reached between Government and the employees
would also benefit the pensioners and employees of the autonomous bodies.

Mr Rather said the payment of pay revision and Dearness Allowance arrears to
pensioners would be made in cash. He, however, said the amount credited to
the employees GP Fund on account of DA arrears and pay revision will not be
available for two years with effect from January 1, 2000.

The formal orders regarding these decisions would be issued soon.

Referring to the efforts being made by the State Government to seek adequate
funds from the Centre for meeting, inter-alia, the employees demands on
account of Dearness Allowance and pay arrears, the Ministers said the Chief
Minister took up the matter at the apex level with the Prime Minister.

This was followed by a series of his (Rather’s) meeting with Union Finance
Ministry which assured that the Centre would go out of way to help Jammu
and Kashmir steer out from the present difficult situation.

Mr Rather appreciated the employees representatives sagacity in puttingforth
the viewpoint of the striking employees in right perspective and adopting
reasonable approach by appreciating the difficulties of the Government.

Meanwhile, the Government today ordered reinstatement of 38 employees
placed under deemed suspension for their being under continued detention
exceeding 48 hours under Essential Services Maintenance Ordinance

Stating this here this evening, the Financial Commissioner, Agriculture
Production and Rural Development, Mr IS Malhi said instructions have also
been issued for the release of employees who were detained under ESMO and
are presently under judicial custody.

Earlier, clarifying about the implication of ESMO, the Minister for Finance, Mr
Abdul Rahim Rather said, while briefing the State cabinet about the
understanding reached with the striking Government employees that since the
employees have resumed work, provisions of ESMO would become

He said those detained under ESMO are being released and the cases shall
not be pursued further. However, in respect of other criminal cases, if any,
law shall take its own course, he added.


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