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tem 7026 on Kashnet dated 31 Jan 2000.

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 16, 2009

kashmir-global-network : Message: [kashnet] Item 7026 on Kashnet dated 31 Jan 2000.

Dear Mr. Ishfaq Ahmed.

I hope you are keeping well. I have seen your reply, but you still with
held about the
university you have recently been graduated from and where you are
heading back from
before the end of Y2K.

You wrote “There is always some gray hue and that is why I don’t stick
with a specific
political ideology”. It seems that like other opportunist from AJK and
their allies at Srinagar you are also seeking to make as much hay as you
can while the sun shines.
You also said “I am only a concerned citizen and being a citizen I have
a right and
responsibilities to be concerned about my country”. I agree with you.
But you are concerned about what? Do want constitutional secular
democracy for Kashmir, or an undemocratic repressive feudal theocracy?
Apart from this, do you want Kashmiri people to have a centrally
controlled economy, free market economy or a Pakistani style looting and
plundering at the will of the ruling classes in the name of “Allah” of

You wrote “When AJK is recognized it will lose its significance anyway”.
Who will recog-
nize AJK and who is working in this direction? I think you mean JKLF.
This being the case you may be sadly mistaken. I am afraid they are not
struggling for the independence of whole state of Jammu and Kashmir.
They have been working to wrest Indian part of Kashmir from India in the
guise of freedom and then hand it over to Pakistan. Otherwise
they can ask the Govt of Pakistan to recognize AJK. Thereafter Indian
will have no point
to stay in their part of Kashmir. This may be achieved without any
jihad. Can you tell me that JKLF fellows are serious about it?.

You again said “AJK is not POK” Then why Pakistani troops are there for
the last half a
century?. Why the Prime Minister of Pakistan is the Chairman of the
Kashmir Council and where is the constitution of Pakistan you have
referred to?

Late Sardar Shaukat Hyat Khan one of the founders and a prominent leader
of Pakistan
Muslim League wrote on page 214 of his book:

“Seeing the Maharajah’s and India’s bad faith, we therefore decided to
walk into Kashmir. I was put incharge of the Operation. I asked for the
services of Brigadier Sher Khan and Brigadier Akbar Khan both of 6/13
Frontier Force (Piffers) and I requested
that we should be allowed some arms which we could retrieve from stocks
of locally made rifles, lying in the Lahore fort. I called General Kiani
of the ex-Indian National Army, Colonel Dara, Taj Mohammed Khanzada to
assist. Taj was made Commander on
the Northern front while General Kiani was put in charge of cutting off
the Kathua Road
by taking over Akhnoor thus cutting off Kashmir from any contact with

Page 215: “The Maharajah’s Army withdrew against our pressure on both
fronts. India moved a battalion by air. When I got up to Muzaffarabad
border, beyond which I was
not permitted to proceed. I was clearly instructed that as a Minister of
Pakistan Govt I
should not be caught in Kashmir, and that that this should remain an
unofficial uprising”.
What do you think about the present uprising in the valley. Is it the
real one or similar to that described by Sardar Shaukat Hyat Khan?

This is the history of the Kashmir dispute as to how it had started and
who had created it.
The title of the book is “The Nation That Lost It’s Soul”. As my soul is
not dead yet, I had become absolutely intolerable to all those who have
lost their souls. I therefore had to
flee the terror instigated by the dead souls against me. If you think
your soul is not lost yet
then kindly respond to my writings seriouly with substantiated evidence
like a live soul.
Thank you.

M Anwar Khan
Chairman Jammu Kashmir Peace Committee Europe.

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