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All Jammu Kashmir Students Front (AJKSF)

Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 12, 2009

Party Name: All Jammu Kashmir Students Front

Head Office: – Sarai Bala Amira Kadal Srinagar

Web: – http://www.studentsfront.co.cc

Email: – mail@studentsfront.co.cc , studentsfront@gmail.com


That AJKSF will work with passion, enthusiasm and     burning desire to work dedicatedly for the transition and channeling of energy and talent of young generation in a proper way for the betterment of society and nation at large.

AJKSF will be a non political and non communal organization and being the student’s organization will on priority basis work for the welfare of students and youth and will raise issues confronting them and seek the readrressel of their problems, issues, grievances etc. Properly in a peaceful and in an amicable way.

AJKSF will work for the reformation of youth and will pursue the mission of eradication of social evils like waywardness and drug addiction etc. plaguing our society so as to build a pious and moral values based society..

AJKSF will work to create mass awareness about the conservation of land, wild and water bodies and for protection  of  buildings  or  objects  of  historical  importance  through  organizing  debates,  seminars, discussions, interaction among students and people and will adopt any means of communication available and viable.

AJKSF though being a non political organization will work to create conditions and atmosphere amicable for the meaningful and result oriented talks on Kashmir by organizing seminars and debates and by  involving every viewpoint and cross section of society to build a common understanding among all

Kind and warm regards

shah waseem

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