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Posted by Kashmir Portal on June 16, 2009


JAMMU REGIONAL MUSLIMS ORGANIZATION reiterates the objects and purposes of – defense of the religious identity, the human right and the constitutional rights of the Muslim community, protection of their life, property and dignity and the sanctity of their religious places, institutions and Wakf properties, the  development of their educational and economic status, their adequate representation in the political structure, public services, development outlay and welfare benefits – in short, their Empowerment.

The JAMMU REGIONAL MUSLIMS ORGANIZATION also reiterates its pledge to promote inter-religious harmony, tolerance, goodwill and fraternal relations among all communities of our multi-religious society.

The JAMMU REGIONAL MUSLIMS ORGANIZATION expresses its distress at the national situation today – the upsurge of chauvinism and fascism, the threat of assimilation of all diversities into uniformity, the widening economic gap between the rich and the poor, the steep rise in the price levels of the essential items of mass consumption, the persistent violation of human rights, the phenomenal rise in corruption, the brutal atrocities against the weaker sections, the rampant discrimination and the steady saffronisation of education and culture.
The JAMMU REGIONAL MUSLIMS ORGANIZATION advises the Muslim community, individually and collectively, to join hands with like-minded forces to save our Nation from disaster and take it in the right direction.

The JAMMU REGIONAL MUSLIMS ORGANIZATION reiterates its commitment to the democratic and secular order under the Constitution and to our glorious traditions of cultural synthesis, religious tolerance and social fraternization and takes note of the hidden agenda of the Sangh Parivar to convert the secular State progressively into a Hindu State and to destroy the basic ethos of our mother land.

The JAMMU REGIONAL MUSLIMS ORGANIZATION expresses its determination to resist their anti-national move in cooperation with other secular forces. In this context, the JAMMU REGIONAL MUSLIMS ORGANIZATION calls upon all secular forces to come together with a view to form a truly secular Government at the Centre and the states and assures them of the full support of the Muslim community in this task.

The JAMMU REGIONAL MUSLIMS ORGANIZATION records its deep apprehension that the minority rights shall be targeted in the current review of the Constitution and authorizes the President to monitor the progress of the review and to intervene to protect the Muslim interest, when considered necessary.

The JAMMU REGIONAL MUSLIMS ORGANIZATION reiterates the commitment of the Muslim community to accept the final judicial verdict on the Babari Masjid dispute but cautions the authorities against the plan of the Sangh Parivar to build the proposed Mandir on the Babari Masjid site, in defiance of the judicial orders.

The JAMMU REGIONAL MUSLIMS ORGANIZATION also records its firm rejection of any move to hand over the Babari Masjid site to the VHP through legislation.

The JAMMU REGIONAL MUSLIMS ORGANIZATION expresses its agony at the continuing violence in Jammu and Kashmir and welcomes the possibility of unconditional dialogue between the Government, on one hand, and the APHC and other political elements, on the other.

The JAMMU REGIONAL MUSLIMS ORGANIZATION demands a Moratorium on violence and calls for mobilization of the people all over the country Against Violence and For Dialogue.

The JAMMU REGIONAL MUSLIMS ORGANIZATION condemns the current spate of violence against the Dalits,Christian & Sikh community and expresses its solidarity with them and other minorities and calls for the formation of a united front of minorities to defend their rights.

The JAMMU REGIONAL MUSLIMS ORGANIZATION calls upon the Muslim community to assure their due and proper courage in the coming Census in February 2001 and advises the Muslim youth in all localities to ensure correct enumeration.

The JAMMU REGIONAL MUSLIMS ORGANIZATION expresses its solidarity with the valiant people of Phelestine,Chechenya and Kosovo, against whom their Governments are waging full-scale war, and calls for urgent international intervention for protection of human rights and for a honourable political settlement through negotiation.



The JAMMU REGIONAL MUSLIMS ORGANIZATION, is a representative forum of the Muslim community for consultation and deliberation on matters of common concerns.

  1. OBJECT AND PURPOSE : The object and purpose of the JAMMU REGIONAL MUSLIMS ORGANIZATION are as follows: To protect and defend the Identity and Dignity of the Muslim community and its Constitutional and Human Rights, specially its Right to Equality, Justice and Security; To monitor the political, economic, social and educational status of the Muslim community regularly in the context of development at the national, state and district levels; To develop a consensus in the community and in the country on the problems faced by the Muslim community and on remedial measures; To place the problems and the remedial measures before the Government and the administration and the Political Parties and the Judiciary for expeditious action; To project the views of the JAMMU REGIONAL MUSLIMS ORGANIZATION on national and international problems of concern to the Muslim community through the mass media and promote better understanding of the Muslim point of view among other sections of the people of the country; To promote national unity and national integration, communal amity and social harmony as well as cooperation among Muslim organizations at all levels on the basis of mutual respect and understanding; To promote and defend Democracy, the Secular Order and the Rule of Law.
  2. It shall function as a monitor of developments, as a pressure group and as a counseling service. The JAMMU REGIONAL MUSLIMS ORGANIZATION may however file writ petitions as well as intervene in pending cases at the Supreme Court/High Court level, if considered necessary, on matters of concern to the Muslim Community in order to present its point of view and to represent the interest of the Community before the Court.
  3. If the JAMMU REGIONAL MUSLIMS ORGANIZATION at any level finds that it is necessary to launch a democratic and peaceful agitation for the fulfillment of a legitimate and urgent demand, subject to such a conclusion being ratified by the next higher level of the JAMMU REGIONAL MUSLIMS ORGANIZATION, the JAMMU REGIONAL MUSLIMS ORGANIZATION at that level may decide to form a separate and distinct command at that level for the purpose, without making it obligatory for all its members, individuals and organizations, to participate in the agitation but the JAMMU REGIONAL MUSLIMS ORGANIZATION concerned may continue to monitor and guide the course of the agitation, in order that it does not adopt any violent or undemocratic methods.
  4. ORGANISATION: The JAMMU REGIONAL MUSLIMS ORGANIZATION shall be organized at four levels: State, District and Tehsil, Block Level.
  5. STATE LEVEL: At the state level, the JAMMU REGIONAL MUSLIMS ORGANIZATION shall have the Supreme Guidance Council, the Markazi Majlis- the Central Office Bearers and the Markazi Majlis-e-Amla (MMA)

Jammu Regional Muslims are neglected in each and every field; The Muslim dominated areas of Jammu Region are most backward. Jammu Muslims are Economically, Educationally, Politically and in respect of development are backward, Kashmiri Ruling parties emotionally blackmail us on the ground of religion for vote bank politics, We the Muslims of Jammu Region shall find out the root causes of our backwardness and will make effo
rt to eradicate same. So we welcome suggestions/ advice in this regard as well we need your volunteer support for the uplift of Muslims of Jammu Muslims. Despite we are 40% of total population in Jammu Region our condition is still miserable. Let us think over it and do something for the future of our next generation.From Dogra Rule to till date the sufferings and neglect of the people of Jammu & Kashmir in general and Jammu province in particular. People of J&K have suffered more socially, psychologically and emotionally. People of Jammu province have additionally suffered more of neglect as regards the developmental activities. Worst sufferers have been the erstwhile districts of Doda ( Kishtwar/ Ramban), Udhampur ( Reasi ), Rajouri Poonch and Kathua & Jammu Distt. The areas of Doda, Kishtwar, Mendar,Poonch, Rajouri, Gool Gulabgarh, Doodu Basantgarh, Bani, Bhaderwah, Plesa, Marwah , Pogal Paristan and like were the poorest of the poor before 1947 and they remained neglected even after 1947. These areas had and have lot many pleasant spots, meadows, lakes, rivers, forests, valleys, cascades, and local crafts that could attract the tourist / visitors during the summers and winters for planned stays. The Muslim Pockets of Jammu Region were neglected under a game plan resulting into Economically, Educationally, Politically remained backward despite fact that Jammu Muslims are 40% of the Jammu regional Population.

Jammu Muslims are never been President of Jammu Chamber of Commerce.
Jammu Muslims are never been president of Jammu Bar Council.
Jammu Muslims are never given High Political Post in the state.
Jammu Muslims are never selected for Govt. Jobs not as per the ratio of 40%. The Politicians did nothing about the welfare and development of the Muslims of Jammu in their election manifestos.

None of the political parties either is national or regional has mentioned anything To add to the misfortunes of the people of J&K the approach of the national and international media too had been partisan in the sense that it looked only on the other side of the heights of Pir Panjal . It has been only at the times of elections to legislature / parliament that to regional and national political parties the people of poor, backward and distantly placed areas of Udhampur, Doda, Kathua , Rajouri , Poonch appear to be more dear.

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